Apex Legends reveal new Legend Valkyrie in Stories from the Outlands – “Northstar”

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends season 9 Legacy

Respawn Entertainment officially reveals the new Legend, Valkyrie, and her abilities for Apex Legends Season 9 through Stories from the Outlands – “Northstar”.

For months, the Apex Legends community has been anticipating the reveal of the new Legend and their abilities, with leaks and rumors pointing towards a certain “Soaring Aviator”.

Finally, with the latest release of the Stories from the Outlands series over on the Apex Legends YouTube channel, fans got to see what they had been waiting for.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Abilities

After many teasers and rumors, it became obvious the new Legend would indeed be Valkyrie, the Soaring Aviator. Valkyrie was teased in the celebration video for 100 million players. She was shown towards the end of the trailer floating above Mirage, teasing surely some powerful aerial abilities.

Valkyrie has also been teased across the Apex Legends social media pages. Respawn began releasing images with hidden lore all over the place, hinting at Valkyrie’s backstory and even her Japanese nationality.

The video is titled “Northstar,” an obvious reference to the Titanfall series, which had a playable Titan with the same name. The Northstar was a Titan made by Hammond Robotics during the Frontier War, which was the setting for the Titanfall series.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Abilities

In the Titanfall campaign, the Northstar is manned by Viper, an Apex Predator with connections to Kuben Blisk and Ash, further linking the lore together.

In the prelude to the trailer, Rampart is shown working on Viper’s Northstar. It is unclear how she obtain the Titan, but perhaps Valkyrie gave it to her to work on, potentially using its parts to modify so that Valkyrie can use the Northstar’s features and abilities in the Apex Games.

To prove to herself, Blisk, and her father, Valkyrie will now enter the Apex Games to gain her own legacy and make something out of her life other than vengeance.

In the video’s final image, we see Valkyrie with the shadow of the Northstar’s wings behind her, which Rampart has modified to become part of her apparel in Apex Legends.

Leaked Valkyrie Apex Legends abilities

The Northstar featured a VTOL Hover tactical ability, which is one of the abilities many dataminers have leaked as Valkyrie’s own. The Northstar also had a Cluster Missile, another feature that many have also associated with Valkyrie, as it has been seen in her abilities kit by dataminers.

  • Tactical – Cluster Missile: Fire a rocket that explodes multiple times.
  • Passive – VTOL Jets: Hold jump to initiate VTOL Jets – allows hovering in the air.
  • Ultimate – Skyward: Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valk to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive.

Valkyrie and her abilities are set to release March 4th, along with Season 9, infested Olympus, and a new weapon, the Bocek Bow. For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned on Charlie Intel and check out our article on how to activate the Season 9 teaser.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment