Apex Legends Quads mode explained

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends caustic skin in season 21 collection event

Apex Legends has added a new Quads mode with the Double Take collection event, and now you can play the game with three other players on your squad.

It plays quite differently from what has been in the game before, as a whole extra person on your Squad changes how loot distribution and certain Legend abilities work. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Quads?

Quads replaces Duos in Apex Legends where you play with four teammates instead of the standard three.

Loot pools have been adjusted to suit four players, and some Legend abilities have also been tweaked to compensate for an extra player.

Trident vehicles won’t be able to support four players, though, so you might need to let one of your teammates walk to your next destination if you want to use one. Here are the full patch notes detailing all the changes that come with the Quads mode:

Quads patch notes

  • 15 Teams of 4 Players
  • Loot Improvements
    • Chance to find Blue/Purple kitted weapons
    • Increased ammo in Light, Heavy, and Energy ammo boxes
    • Increased chance to find ammo, health, shield, scopes, and deployable items
    • Increased Replicator starting count 12→15
  • Lobby supports a 4th player for inviting and ‘Previous Match Squad Members’
  • Legend Ability updates to support a 4th squad member
    • Mirage Decoy shows 4 squad members when dropping from the dropship
    • Valkyrie’s Ult allows for up to 3 additional squad members to attach
    • Vantage Passive can spot the armor on all enemy teammates when in ADS
    • Loba’s Ultimate has UI to support a fourth player

Quads start & end date

Quads will be available to play from June 25, 2024 until the end of Apex Legends Season 21.

Based on the Battle Pass counter, Season 21 should end on August 5, 2024. Quads was included as a new mode with the Double Take collection event, which also has a new Lifeline finisher, Prestige skin, and more cosmetics that you can earn during this time.

Will Quads be permanent?

It’s unclear at this stage if Quads will be a permanent mode in Apex Legends, but it could come back in a later season if it sees the same success that Solos did.

In April 2024, reliable Apex Legends leaker ‘Osvaldatore’ confirmed that Quads would be arriving in Season 21 and that if it didn’t, we could see it in future seasons. Respawn have not mentioned anything about making the mode permanently available.

If any more information comes to light, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. So keep an eye on this page, and for now, be sure to check out everything we know about the leaked Lifeline Rework, which is said to be coming instead of a new Legend next season.

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