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Frustrating Apex Legends bug is ruining Rampart’s abilities

A few Apex Legends players have come across a new bug that is keeping Rampart’s Amped Cover ability from working.



Rampart in APex

Apex Legends players have been voicing their frustration with a new bug that’s preventing Rampart from placing her protective Amped Walls cover in the middle of a match.

You have a wide selection of colorful and unique characters to choose from when jumping into a match of Apex Legends. Rampart is a solid choice if you’re a fan of heavy weaponry since she uses LMGs and a minigun named “Sheila.”

Her Amped Cover ability allows her to set up fortifications to block damage, but it seems that this isn’t functioning as well as it should. Many players have reported being unable to place the cover in the middle of a match.

Rampart in Apex Legends

Reddit user GoldGanymede posted a clip of this issue in the Apex Legends subreddit. This video showcased the player being unable to place Rampart’s Amped Walls in certain spots.

Fans have noted that this problem is mainly prevalent on Olympus, where it’s difficult to place walls anywhere aside from right next to the stairs by the Phaserunner teleporter. This has fueled speculation that this an intentional feature to discourage campers.

However, other players stated that they’ve been able to place walls in the vents next to the turbine under the waterfall, and have even found more room in the tunnels.

Other complaints have also arisen from players who couldn’t place the walls on Olympus’s rooftops, or in certain spots around Worlds Edge. This is discouraging, as Rampart has a troubled history since her arrival in Season 6.

This Legend has received a few tweaks, but still has one of the lowest win-rates in the game. It’s understandable why players are still demanding more changes to fix her abilities in the next few updates.

So far, Respawn haven’t responded to this latest bug, but we’ll keep checking for any updates from them. Once we learn something knew, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Image Credits: Respawn