Apex Legends player finds insane “super launch” on Olympus

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends olympus pathfinder cargo bot super launch

An Apex Legends player has found a hilarious new glitch on Olympus that launches Legends across the map.

New updates on Apex Legends like the Season 12 patch usually introduces some new bugs or glitches into the game. Despite a fairly smooth launch with minor hiccups, one player has found a very interesting glitch.

Apex players are used to taking advantage of movement techniques that the game’s engine offers, but this new “super launch” is definitely not intentional, as it sends players flying over Olympus.

olympus apex legends super launch glitch

Reddit user Dirty_Skirty posted the glitch to the Apex Legends subreddit with a video explaining how it works.

In order to complete the super launch, you must be playing on Olympus and also have chosen Pathfinder upon entering the match.

The glitch takes place on the brand new POI for Olympus in Season 12 called Phase Driver, which is located next to Bonsai Plaza. In this new POI, players can activate a button that drops Cargo Bots in the centre of the area.

Then, players will need to “jump the second the grapple touches the boy,” and they should be launched up into the sky if the timing is correct.

According to the user who posted the trick, this super launch is said to be extremely easy to perform, so get in and enjoy it before Respawn decide to take it out of the game.

Some users in the comments are clearly intrigued by the technique and possibly going to be using it in-game to give their friends a laugh, with one comment saying “That’s cool af omg.”

This glitch won’t give you any kind of advantage over players except when escaping pursuit, however, it’s just a fun glitch players can use to get a great view of Olympus.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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