Apex Legends players fascinated by strange door added to Firing Range

Joseph Pascoulis
strange door in apex legends firing range

A strange door has been found in the Apex Legends Firing Range, leaving players mezmorised as they try to figure out the Easter egg.

Since Apex Legends Season 18 landed, players have been getting to grips with the new content. From Ranked changes and weapon buffs and nerfs, to the Death Dynasty Collection Event and Revenant Reborn, the new update has a lot to offer.

As well as all this, the Season 18 patch also introduced some fixes and quality-of-life updates for the Firing Range, which received a massive overhaul in the previous season’s update.

The Firing Range has been known to house Easter eggs, as players have previously discovered things like Third Person and Low Gravity, as well as the Arenas teaser which was accessed through the Firing Range’s aircraft pad.

Now, in Season 18, it seems the devs have more Easter eggs and teasers planned, as players in the Apex subreddit have discovered an extremely intriguing door that can be interacted with.

Apex Legends Firing Range door Easter egg

As you enter the Firing Range, follow the right side until you pass the Agility Course in Section 2 and reach a small lit-up outcrop with a ramp on the right side.

Walk up the ramp and you will instantly notice a door that you can interact with. At the time of writing, nothing actually happens when you interact with this door, but the characters do react with a quip.

All the characters seem to have a similar reaction when interacting with the door, as none of them say anything, but they all make an interjection that suggests they are in thought, perhaps thinking about where the door leads.

One user in the comments of the Reddit post even shared all of the character reactions to the door, while others have been trying to figure out what this door could be for.

Another comment points to a new Season 18 interaction between Lifeline and Octane where Lifeline says: “Find me in the firing range, you’ll know the building when you see it.” Perhaps the door has something to do with this.

Further, by the door, there is a sign that warns players to “stay out.” It further reads: “This is a secured quadrant. Orbitally surveillance. Patrolled by contractors. Violators will be prosecuted.”

It’s likely that the door will be involved in the ongoing story for Apex Legends, which previously saw players taking control of Loba in the Kill Code: A Thief’s Bane mission.

We’re sure that, eventually, this door will play a role in a future teaser or Easter egg for the ongoing story, but when this will happen is unclear. Stay tuned on CharlieIntel where we’ll be covering it all.

Until then, you can also check out the Apex Legends player count so you know exactly how many players are enjoying the game in Season 18.

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