Apex Legends leak claims Blisk’s Ultimate will add Titans to the game

Liam Mackay
Apex Legends Titanfall Titan

A fresh set of Apex Legends leaks reveals that upcoming Legend Blisk could be bringing one of Titanfall’s Titans to the battle royale.

As Apex Legends is inside the Titanfall universe, players have been hankering to see more mechanics from the popular FPS franchise included in the game. Perhaps the most requested addition is the Titans – massive mech-style robots piloted by players.

As these Titans are essentially walking tanks, successfully integrating them into the popular battle royale would be a tough task. However, a new set of leaks has revealed that Titans could be arriving in Apex Legends alongside the upcoming Legend, Kuben Blisk.

Still images of a Titan inside the training yard were posted by popular insider TheNeon_Beast, and then data miner Biast12 later shared video footage of the Titan and the rest of Blisk’s abilities. Both of these leaks match, showing Blisk’s Ultimate ability allows him to call in a Titan.

Rather than allowing players to pilot the Titan themselves, “Blisk summons an Auto-Titan to suppress an area.”

In the video uploaded by Biast12, we can see the Titan sends out a radar pulse similar to Bloodhound’s and then sprays bullets with its arm-mounted machine guns before self-destructing. It only lasts for around 20 seconds, so perhaps it’s a powerful tool that you’ll need to use wisely.

As Respawn Entertainment has previously stated that Titans wouldn’t be coming to Apex Legends, this seems like a reasonable compromise. It further connects Apex to the Titanfall universe without giving players a nearly indestructible suit to wreak havoc in.

The rest of Blisk’s abilities were leaked, with him being able to “hack Survey Beacons with his Data Knife” and “wall run” as Passive abilities. Whereas he can “a damaging zone powered by The Arena’s Ring” as his Tactical ability.

Wall running is a major part of Titanfall’s identity, but Respawn Entertainment has previously stated that no Legend will be able to wall run in Apex Legends, describing how “wall running is a bad fit” for the game. However, plans could have changed, so we’ll just have to wait and see what developers have up their sleeves for the future of the battle royale.

With Apex Legends Season 9 set to launch in early May, it’s possible that Blisk and the Titan will arrive with the new season.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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