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Apex Legends dev confirms plans to nerf Octane

The Apex Legends developers have taken notice of Octane’s win-rate, and have a nerf planned for his Stim ability.



Octane in Apex Legends

Octane is an extremely powerful character that has been dominating Apex Legends matches for quite some time, but Respawn Entertainment have revealed their plans to nerf him.

Respawn Entertainment introduced various changes to Apex Legends when Season 8 when livem including several buffs and nerfs for certain Legends in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory update. Now, Octane is next on their list.

Playing as him will allow you to quickly maneuver around during combat with the help of his Stim. The devs have noted how often this ability grants victory to Octane players, so they’re planning a major nerf for it.

Octane in Apex Legends

Lead game designer Daniel Klein discussed this in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory patch note thread on Reddit. “Octane’s pretty trackable IMO, but we need to hit him a little bit,” he said. “He’s become extremely dominant… so we’ll need to shave a little power off.”

He believes that increasing the health cost for the Legend’s Stim ability is the best route to follow, but this could potentially break him. For this reason, he wants to balance it out by letting players use it much quicker.

Currently, players have to wait three to four seconds between using different Stims, and this will be reduced to an even shorter amount of time after the changes are implemented. They’ll balance this by making it cost more health.

Launch Pad Octane

“This is kind of a buff if you look at just the speed at which you move,” Klein explained, “but taken together with the increased health cost, and it’ll allow you to drop your health real low real fast.”

This means that Octane mains will have to get used to some changes in the near future, as they won’t be able to dominate every match with the Stim ability and will have to try out different strategies.

We expect these changes to arrive sometime during Season 8. We’ll keep checking for new developments, and will update you on anything that we learn.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment