Apex Legends hackers are taking players hostage mid-match

Joseph Pascoulis
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An Apex Legends player was left shocked when they were taken hostage by a hacker while in the middle of a battle royale match.

Apex Legends hackers usually terrorize lobbies with unfair wallhacks, aimbot, and other cheating systems to gain an edge over their opponent, especially in the competitive Ranked Leagues mode.

That said, it seems hackers are evolving, as a player was taken hostage mid-match and forced into the Firing Range.

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Apex Legends streamer Camms was left completely confused when she was taken out of a match by force and placed into the Firing Range.

The player was mid-gunfight when they were suddenly taken to the Firing Range loading screen and eventually placed in a lobby with a “random dude.”

Clearly, the streamer was shocked, as their initial reaction had them saying “what the f***?” After posting the gameplay on Twitter, Camms asks “AYO what just happened…dude literally kidnapped me.”

Once they were in the Firing Range, the player that they were taken into the lobby with put a message using the in-game chat which said: “owned.” Clearly, this was done by a hacker, and the person who Camms was left in the Firing Range with was most likely the culprit.

EA Help replied in the comments asking the player to report the “bug,” but clearly this was the work of a hacker.

Another user shared a similar experience, stating that the “same thing happened to my friend, and today we were in ranked when he got disconnected and told the server wasn’t online anymore, meanwhile I was fighting for my life against 3 full squads and we both ended up losing almost 50 rp.”

As this seems to be happening to multiple players, hopefully, hopefully Respawn can do something about these hackers before they ruin even more players’ games.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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