Apex Legends Season 20 LTMs: Straight Shot & Lockdown modes explained

Max Candelarezi
straight shot mode in apex legends

Season 20 is introducing two new modes for players to enjoy, here’s all you need to know about the Straight Shot and Lockdown LTMs in Apex Legends.

A major update awaits Apex Legends with the arrival of Season 20, bringing plenty of new content such as an updated Battle Pass, Legends changes, weapons buffs and nerfs, and more.

Also, this major update introduces exciting new game modes for players to explore. So if you’re wondering how the new Straight Shot and Lockdown limited-time modes work, here’s all you need to know.

What is Straight Shot LTM in Apex Legends?

Season 20’s Straight Shot is a sped-up version of the classic Apex Legends experience. The mode will have 30 players in a small part of the map with a game time of around 10 total minutes.

apex legends characters fighting on olympus

When starting the games, the squads will start in a random POI with two teams. However, unlike the classic BR experience, in Straight Shot the weapons are already fully kitted, so there’s no need to loot for attachments, although scopes can be swapped between weapons.

Further, you won’t go back to the lobby to queue up, as you can do so from the spectate screen while in the match.

What is Lockdown LTM in Apex Legends?

Lockdown LTM is expected to feature a team deathmatch format in Apex Legends’ Season 20. However, we don’t have much information regarding how the mode will work. We’ll be sure to update this piece if Respawn reveal any details regarding the Lockdown LTM.

All in all, that’s everything about Apex Legends Season 20 new modes. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides:

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