JGOD explains what Warzone’s ranked mode should steal from Apex Legends

Liam Mackay
JGOD explaining what warzone ranked mode should steal from Apex Legends

Warzone players have been desperate for Raven Software to include a ranked mode, and top YouTuber JGOD has explained the Apex Legends features that could make it perfect.

Call of Duty: Warzone players absolutely loved Iron Trials and its hardcore ruleset and have been desperate for Raven Software to include a ranked mode where they can progress through skill divisions and earn rewards.

Raven has confirmed that they’re working on a ranked mode but they want to “make sure we do it right,” and there’s no update on when it could release. Following rumors that it will arrive ahead of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, JGOD explained why it needs to take a page from Apex Legends’ book.

Warzone players in Rebirth Iron Trials

JGOD said that out of the ranked battle royales, Apex Legends probably has the better system, and “if Call of Duty’s smart they’re going to look at what Apex has done.”

Apex Legends Ranked has eight divisions to climb through, with players needing to earn RP to advance into the next rank. Players start with a negative RP and must secure kills and place high to gain positive RP and climb through the divisions.

One Apex Legends system that JGOD particularly likes is the Apex Predator Rank. This puts the top 750 players in a league of their own and with how many people play Apex, this makes it extremely exclusive. “I hope CoD goes along that same route because it gives something for people to grind for,” he explained.

He also explained that a ranked mode could lead the way to a better competitive Warzone league, bringing up Apex’s $2M ALGS event. He also thinks it could be better for skill-based matchmaking, as it would give players much more options.

There’s far from any guarantee that Ranked will arrive ahead of Modern Warfare 2, but hopefully, the long-awaited mode will feature in Warzone 2 alongside the MW2’s leaked Ranked Play.

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