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Apex Legends players claim Gaiden Event skins are “pay-to-lose”

Apex Legends players have found major issues with the Gaiden Event skins, calling the cosmetics “pay-to-lose.”



Apex Legends gaiden event bangalore and revenant skins

Apex Legends Season 13’s Gaiden Event is live, bringing plenty of anime-themed cosmetics and a brand-new Prestige skin for Bangalore. However, players have found major issues with the cosmetics, calling them “pay-to-lose.”

More and more games are crossing over with popular anime series, with both Dead By Daylight and Call of Duty including Attack on Titan crossovers, and Fortnite introducing both Naruto and Dragonball Z.

It’s now Apex Legends’ turn, where the Gaiden Thematic Event went live on July 19. Players are loving all of the new skins and cosmetics that are inspired by classic anime, but there are some frustrating issues that have led to players calling the skins “pay-to-lose.”

apex legends gaiden event

As shown by Apex Legends YouTuber STARKNIGHT, there are major issues with both Bangalore’s Prestige skin and the Revelations Flatline skin.

Apex Legends’ Gaiden Event brings the Revelations skin for Revenant, inspired by the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. Players absolutely love Revenant’s new style, but an issue with the accompanying Flatline skins has led to it being labeled “pay-to-lose.”

The Revelations Flatline skins’ iron sights take up much more of the screen than the base weapon, making it much more difficult to track the targets in front of you.

There’s a much worse issue with Bangalore’s Apex Commander Prestige skin. The YouTuber showed that if you pop her Smoke Launcher Tactical and immediately ADS, the skin will completely cover up the screen.

The majority of players didn’t see too much of an issue with the iron sights, saying they buy skins to look cool and the issue won’t affect them all that much. However, Bangalore’s Prestige skin is sure to lead to a frustrating death if it isn’t patched soon.

This isn’t the first time an Apex skin has come with a frustrating issue like this, and one user sarcastically replied, “Again a new skin comes with a PayToLose feature how surprising.”

It’s unlikely that the Flatline skin will be adjusted but Bangalore’s Apex Commander Prestige skin should be fixed in an upcoming update. Season 14 arrives in August and should bring a ton of bug fixes and balance changes.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment