Apex Legends fans mock lack of LTMs in recent seasons

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends gibraltar laughing

Apex Legends has previously been applauded by fans for their creativity when it comes to LTMs, however recent seasons have seen a severe lack of new game modes, leaving players mocking Respawn’s efforts.

Apex Legends Season 11 is about to get a brand new event and Arenas map, finally adding some new content to the battle royale after a dry spur.

Having said that, many fans are slightly disappointed with the upcoming event content, particularly with the lack of a new LTM. Despite the Dark Depths event bringing a new Arenas map, fans are clearly wanting new LTMs, mocking the lack of new game modes over on Reddit.

Habitat Arena map in Apex Legends

New LTMs used to be released pretty often, however, since Arenas was released, it’s almost as if it has replaced them. Instead of LTMs, the devs have been releasing new Arenas maps, such as Encore, Overflow, and the new one coming out in the Dark Depths event called “Habitat.”

After Respawn developer Steven Ferreira confirmed Apex Legends LTMs would be coming in Season 11 during an interview for the season’s launch, players are yet to see anything new and the season is coming to an end very soon.

Reddit user Dynorton highlighted the lack of new LTMs across the last two seasons of Apex Legends through a comedic post titled: “What was your favorite LTM that came out over the last two seasons?”

Despite the post being a joke, there is still a lot of truth and frustration from the community behind it, as they clearly want more LTMs. The most recent LTM players got was Winter Express, but this isn’t anything new and players are looking for something they haven’t experienced before.

One comment read: “Almost a year without new LTMs, damn.”

Other comments further mock the lack of new LTMs in Apex Legends in recent seasons, suggesting that the recent update that removed the Rampage and Sentinel due to an exploit is a new LTM: “the new LTM with no rampage or sentinel is great, really enjoying it.”

We’ll have to wait and see what Respawn has in store for players in terms of new LTMs for the future, as it seems Season 11 won’t be introducing any with Season 12 on the horizon.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment