How to get Exotic Shards in Apex Legends: Price & what they buy

Joseph Pascoulis
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Apex Legends has a new currency in Season 21 known as Exotic Shards. Here’s what they are and how you can get them.

Apex Legends Season 21 introduced a variety of new content to the battle royale, from new Legend Alter to the brand-new Apex Artifacts melee cosmetics and Exotic Shards.

If you’re interested in these Apex Legends Exotic Shards, here’s everything you need to know about them, including how to get more and what they can be used to purchase.

What are Exotic Shards in Apex Legends?

Exotic Shards are a new currency in Apex Legends introduced in Season 21 that players can use to purchase customizations for Apex Artifacts and items in the Exotic Shop.

How to get Exotic Shards in Apex Legends

You can get 10 Exotic Shards in the Battle Pass (Tier 89 in Upheaval BP) or you can purchase them like Apex Coins in the store.

The devs also revealed that there will be more opportunities to earn Exotic Shards through in-game events and future Battle Passes.

Apex Legends Exotic Shards prices

Here are the prices and different amounts of Exotic Shards you can purchase in Apex Legends:

  • 10 Exotic Shards – $9.99 / £8.99
  • 40 Exotic Shards (+10 bonus) – $39.99 / £35.99
  • 80 Shards (+30 bonus) – $79.99 / £69.99
exotic shards prices in apex legends for playstation
Exotic Shards can be purchase with real money just like Apex Coins.

What can you get with Exotic Shards in Apex Legends?

You can purchase all the items in the Apex Artifact sets for 10 Exotic Shards each, or buy new items such as Legendary Weapon skins in the Exotic Store for 50.

Exotic Shards are different from Heirloom Shards, they can not purchase Heirlooms or Mythic Skins. So, to be able to purchase the Apex Artifact sets such as the Cobalt, Molten, Gladius, Rhodium, or Electrum Katar set, you’ll first need to get the Cobalt Katar for 150 Heirloom Shards.

There you have it, that was everything you need to know about Exotic Shards in Apex Legends. For more on the battle royale, be sure to read some of our other helpful guides below:

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