Apex Legends expert urges players to avoid FF7 Buster Sword Heirloom: “Save your money”

Joseph Pascoulis
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The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth event introduced a brand-new Heirloom to the game inspired by the iconic Buster Sword from the RPG franchise, but players aren’t impressed.

Those familiar with Apex Legends will know just how expensive an Heirloom can be. These illustrious melee cosmetics require you to own all the items in a Collection Event, which can end up costing you well over $100.

The new Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth collaboration event in Apex Legends introduced the first-ever universal Heirloom in the Buster Sword R5, as well as the first Deathbox skin. The only way for players to get this new Mythic universal melee weapon is to get lucky in an event pack, as the probability of pulling the Buster Sword R5 is less than 1%.

If you’re lucky enough, you could get the item in your free pack for the event, or perhaps in your first few pack purchases. However, that’s highly unlikely for most, and so players interested in getting the Heirloom may want to know whether or not it’s worth it.

That’s where popular Apex Legends content creator ‘SomeoneWhoLeaks’ comes in, as they “crafted 20 packs and bought the rest of the event so you don’t have to.”

Apex Legends players slam Buster Sword Heirloom

Ultimately, they advise Apex players to save their money, as they said, “THE SWORD SUCKS, THIS IS THE RUNNING ANIMATION. YOU NEVER SEE IT UNLESS YOU ARE SWINGING IT. LOVE OF GOD SAVE YOUR MONEY.”

SWL then went on to show a video of the Heirloom’s running and spinning animation, which they weren’t impressed with.

In response to a comment under the post that asked what the Heirloom comes with, SWL responded, “f***ing NOTHING.” Heirlooms usually drop with a unique Finisher and Banner Pose, but as the Buster Sword R5 is universal, the devs decided to not include these extra additions.

Players also pointed out the “blind spot” when holding the sword, as it covers the right side of the player’s screen: “Nice blinder on the right side.”

“There better not be anyone on the right side of the screen,” said one player, pointing out the obstruction. Others are thanking SWL for “the warning,” as one comment even read, “you just saved me $300.”

Respawn have updated and improved Heirloom animations in the past, so perhaps the backlash will influence a similar decision with the Buster Sword R5. We’ll have to wait and see, but for now, check out the other FF7 cosmetic that players have slammed and how many people are playing Apex Legends.

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