Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event: Release date, skins, Three Strikes, more

Joseph Pascoulis
urban assault apex legends event key art

Apex Legends is getting another Collection Event in Season 20 called Urban Assault, and it brings a brand-new set of skins and the return of the fan-favorite Three Stikes mode. Here’s all the details, including the release date.

A new Collection Event arrives in Apex Legends Season 20 called Urban Assault, which looks to bring brand-new cosmetics to the game, including a Prestige Skin for one of the most popular Legends in the game, Octane.

For those interested in the event, here’s the release date for Apex Legends Urban Assault and more.

Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event release date

Apex Legends Urban Assault will launch on April 23, 2024, and last two weeks, ending on May 7.

This gives players plenty of time to enjoy the return of Three Strikes, the new Rumble tournament beta, and get their hands on some of the new skins.

Apex Legends Urban Assault skins

Octane Prestige skin

Octane is the next Legend to get their very own Prestige Skin in Apex Legends called “Apex Riptide.”

Just like all the other Prestige Skins, it has three tiers and comes with a Skydive Trail and Finisher. You can earn the skin by unlocking all 24 items in the Urban Assault Collection Event, or by purchasing it in the Mythic store with Heirloom Shards once the event is over.

Legendary skins

A new set of 24 cosmetic items arrives with Apex Legends Urban Assault on top of Octane’s Prestige skin. This includes Legendary skins for Wraith, Loba, Valkyrie, Rampart, and Vantage, as well as Legendary weapon skins for the Alternator, Nemesis, RE-45, and Hemlock.

There will also be a reward tracker filled with free cosmetics for players to earn.

Three Strikes LTM returns with Rumble

Three Strikes

Fan-favorite LTM Three Strikes returns with Apex Legends Urban Assault, giving players another chance the enjoy the mode. Three Strikes sees quicker revive times, 100% health on revive, full loadout on respawn, and a vastly different loot pool. You have three strikes to respawn and win, if not, you’re out!


The LTM also returns with the beta for Rumble, a new tournament system that sees players climbing a leaderboard by earning points for placement, kills, assists, and damage. There are no pre-made squads, so it’s all solo queue and players will earn rewards based on their leaderboard placement once the Rumble concludes.

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