Apex Legends devs tease return of Skull Town map

Hamza Khalid
Apex Legends devs tease the return of Skull Town poi

The Apex Legends developers have made a new post that seemingly teases the return of the popular Kings Canyon’s Skull Town POI that was removed a while back.

The Apex Legends Legacy update introduced a heap of new content including Arenas mode, Valkyrie, and also changed map rotation in the game.

Long-time fans will remember the Kings Canyon’s Skull Town POI which was a village under a large skeleton. This popular zone was removed back in 2020, but Respawn may have hinted at its return in a new post.

Skull Town POI in Apex Legends

The official Apex Legends Twitter account made a post on June 21, seemingly suggesting that the fan-favorite Skull Town POI will be making a comeback in the near future.

“What if we brought back Skull Town,” wrote the developers. This caused a ton of excitement among Apex fans, and it seems likely that this is a teaser for a future update that the developers have planned.

While the return of Skull Town sounds exciting, we may not see it become part of the main battle royale game mode, since that would require Respawn to completely rework the map.

Skull Town might come back as an Arenas map in the game’s new 3v3 mode. This makes sense since it wouldn’t require a complete overhaul of the current King’s Canyon map.

We currently don’t know when exactly Respawn Entertainment plans to bring this area back to Kings Canyon. It could in the next update or at some later point in the future. The POI might look and play completely different than before.

Still, it’s reassuring to know that, unlike the Mirage Voyager POI, Skull Town might actually return to the game. We’ll keep checking for any more developments regarding this, and will be sure to let you know when it’s confirmed.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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