Apex Legends devs take action against ranked play teamers

Liam Mackay

A group of Xbox players have been banned for teaming up in high level games of Apex Legends’ Ranked mode.

Cheating in video games takes many forms. Whether it’s buying hacks from a website to see through walls and have auto-aim, or ‘stream-sniping’ the competition by watching their live stream, cheating is common in most online FPS games.

‘Teaming’ has become especially prominent in battle royale games. This is where like-minded cheaters queue into a match together and help each other get the win. It’s extremely frustrating to come against, as the odds are heavily stacked in the teamers favor.

Apex Legends’ Ranked League is a prime place for these cheaters to team up. By progressing through the ranks, you can earn in-game rewards and bragging rights. The top 500 players can also earn themselves the title of Apex Predator.

To help fix this, when reporting a player in-game, you can flag them for “Cooperating with Enemy.” It’s clear that Respawn listens and acts upon these reports.

Ranked teamers banned

Conor Ford, the Security Analyst at Respawn, gave a tongue in cheek announcement that some teamers were recently banned.

“To the 14 Xbox players who were teaming in high-level Ranked,” he wrote. “I hope your time off is more fulfilling and well spent than what you were doing in Apex lol.”

Respawn has a solid track record of taking down cheaters in Apex Legends. Recently, streamer Loide90 was banned for displaying hacks on-stream. He unashamedly showed that he could see enemies through walls, so the community rallied to bring him to the developers’ attention. Respawn Producer Josh Medina then confirmed he had indeed been banned.

To anyone considering giving themselves a head start in Ranked play through cheating, you can be sure Respawn will be there to give you the ban hammer.