Fortnite players claim cheating has got out of control in Chapter 5

Amitesh Dhar
Peely in Fortnite.

In live service games like Fortnite, cheaters are always a problem. Although their numbers were seemingly low in Epic Games’ Battle Royale, players have been complaining about an increase number in cheaters in Chapter 5 Season 1.

For games like Fortnite, certain players tend to use software that give them an unfair advantage over the competition. From aimbots to wall hacks, all these programs fall under the umbrella of cheats.

Cheats often ruin the gameplay experience for the ones not using them. Although cheating in Fortnite wasn’t completely unheard of, instances of cheating were rare.

However, players feel that the number of cheaters has gone up considerably in Chapter 5 Season 1. Reddit user ‘Common-Push9755’ shared a post to express their annoyance about the issue, claiming it’s “out of control”

Players shared their encounters with cheaters in the game in response to OP’s post. One player said, “This. I’ve unloaded clips into people and seen damage register only to get melted from 3 shots. When the cam switched to my killer they had no shields but 100% green health.”

Another Redditor said, “Lost count of the times where I’ve been one shot killed by someone facing the wrong way, while I’m blasting their face with a Mythic.”

The Anti-Cheat software deployed by Epic Games is designed to prevent players from using cheats in Fortnite, but players feel that it isn’t working as intended. Others mentioned that they’ve seen players advertise hacks on TikTok too.

Redditor ‘Luisbuffel’ said, “Can confirm. When I scroll through TikTok 1 in 10 posts are people live streaming and promoting their Fortnite hacks in a public match.” Another player, in response to this comment, said, “It’s complete s*** they aren’t banned by TikTok. It also shows how bad the anti-cheat has gotten.”

With the Fortnite 28.20 patch coming up soon, it will be interesting to see if Epic Games addresses the cheating issue in Fortnite and does something about the cheaters.

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