Apex Legends dev confirms Control will return later in Season 12

Hamza Khalid
Bangalore in Apex Legends Control LTM

The new Season 12 Control LTM has quickly won over Apex Legends players, and one of the developers has reassured them that this mode won’t be permanently removed after its 3-week launch.

Apex Legends Season 12 is finally underway, and the new update features a plethora of exciting content, including the Control LTM which is already proving to be extremely popular among players.

Popular content creator NICKMERCS feels the game needs this mode, and players have been hoping for it to become a permanent part of Apex Legends rather than just being an LTM that will soon be removed.

Now, one dev has confirmed that Control will return in new events.

apex legends season 12 control ltm

Apex Legends players noticed that the Control LTM had not yet provided them with the promised mode-specific badges, and many of them began to wonder when the devs would fix this issue.

This led to a response from Respawn’s Technical Game Designer, RobotHavGunz, who confirmed that these badges would be arriving soon while also giving an update on the future of Control.

The developer commented: “[Badges] Coming with the Anniversary event next week. Two events this season will have Control-specific badges.” So, we’ll see this mode stick around in Season 12 for a couple of events.

This news will come as a huge relief to Apex Legends players that were worried that we might see the Control LTM vanish from the game forever soon, and Respawn could include it in more events after seeing its popularity.

The Anniversary event will be bringing badges for Apex Legends players, so Control will probably be sticking around through that, and Season 12 will also bring the Warriors and Unshackled events.

Mad Maggie in Apex Legends Control LTM

At the time of writing, these two new events don’t have any official dates confirmed, but since the Warriors event will be a Collection Event which will probably bring a Town Takeover, we could see Control return in the Unshackled event.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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