Apex Legends Solos is a massive win that needs to be permanent

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends alter with her skins coming out from behind her

The Apex Legends Solo Takeover mode is extremely fun, but it won’t last. It will eventually be replaced by Duos, despite feeling like it has a place in the game.

Apex Legends Season 21 has brought some excitement back to the battle royale, not only with the new Legend Alter, but mainly due to the iconic return of Solos. Players had been calling for its return since the Iron Crown event ended way back in Season 2.

Apex Legends Solos is an absolute blast, and it feels like it belongs. This is backed by the fact that the devs clearly put a lot of thought into the experience, as there are exclusive mechanics to the mode to help it play smoothly. For example, Solos features Battle Sense, a HUD mechanic that lets you know when enemies are nearby to prevent campers.

The Apex Legends Solo mode also features a smaller player count of 50 and gives players auto-heal when out of combat and after securing kills, which helps greatly when it comes to third-party situations.

Apex Legends Solos is the perfect mode to enjoy when your squad isn’t online, so it will be a shame when it’s eventually replaced by Duos. Others would agree too, as one Reddit thread praising Solos is full of positive comments, with one saying it’s the “most fun” they’ve had in Apex Legends “since launch.”

That said, its upcoming replacement of Duos was a bit of a blow, as Duos is the perfect mode for when it’s just you and one other friend. In a different Reddit thread regarding Solos’ replacement of Duos, one of the devs revealed why they made this decision, naming “queue times” as the primary factor.

Having Solos on top of Trios, Duos, Mixtape, and Ranked Leagues would split the player count further, potentially leading to longer queue times which the devs claim they want to avoid.

However, the dev also provided some hope for players who enjoy Solos, as they said, “bringing it back in this way also allows for monitoring and data collection on this new variant and Solos as a whole,” which suggests that they are considering making Solos a permanent addition.

They don’t make any guarantees, but as we saw with the Mixtape playlist, limited-time modes can eventually make their way into the Apex Legends rotation. So, there is a chance that Solos will be given the same treatment considering how much the community is enjoying it.