When does Control return to Apex Legends?

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Control has been one of Apex Legends’ most popular game modes since it was introduced in Season 12, but is it currently in Apex Legends, if not, when will it come back?

Apex Legends Season 15 brought with it lots of new content to the battle royale, from the brand-new Legend Catalyst to the Broken Moon map. Despite all the goodness that it brought, Control is always talked about – such is its popularity.

The 9v9 mode sees teams fight to capture three control points found on the map with pre-selected loadouts and respawns enabled, unlike traditional battle royale gameplay.

Control is a limited-time playlist option, meaning that it will arrive and depart on a regular basis from the game’s match options. With that being said, let’s get into the details of when the mode is returning and whether it will become permanent.

apex legends control fpsApex Legends players have come to love Control.

When is Control coming back to Apex Legends?

There is currently no word on when Control will return to Apex Legends as it’s only just recently been removed from the game again.

Control was welcomed back with open arms via the Spellbound Collection Event before the two-week occasion wrapped up on January 24.

Although it may be disappointing to hear that it’s been removed again, rest assured that it will be back at some point – perhaps in Season 16?

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Why was Control removed from Apex Legends?

wattson and GibraltarControl is a different beast from traditional Apex Legends BR.

Control is a Limited-Time Mode, which means that the mode is only available for a certain amount of time before it is removed from Apex Legends to give the spotlight to other areas of the game.

We’ll update you once Respawn make their intentions clear to bring back Control once more.

Will Control become a permanent Apex Legends mode?

At this moment in time, Repsawn have given no indication that Control will be permanently added to the Apex Legends repertoire moving forward. The devs seem content to give it time to shine every few weeks or so, and, for now, that’s the way it seems like it’ll stay.

According to a few known Apex Legends leakers, Respawn plan to remove Arenas from Apex Legends and are looking to have Control as the permanent replacement. However, insider ThordanSmash claimed Control is “having issues being stable,” so this should be treated as pure speculation.

That’s everything we know about the return of Control, at least for the time being. We’ll be sure to keep this article updated with any information we get from Respawn.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / EA