Apex Legends developers reveal Ranked Arenas release date

Hamza Khalid
arenas mode map in Apex Legends

The 3v3 Arenas mode was one of the newest additions players in Apex Legends Season 9, and the developers have now confirmed when exactly we can expect to see the Ranked version arrive.

The Legacy update brought a plethora of new changes to Apex Legends including a new character named Valkyrie, and the new 3v3 Arenas mode.

This game mode involves a lot of strategy compared to regular battle royale, and fans have been wondering when a Ranked mode will be releasing. Now, the Apex Legends developers have finally provided a definite answer to that question.

Apex Legends Arenas map

On July 8, EA confirmed that Apex Legends Season 10 will introduce a new Ranked Arenas mode in the game. This announcement happened during the EA Play Future of FPS show. 

The next season of Apex Legends is expected to go live after August 3, 2021. Respawn’s Director of Comms, Ryan K. Rigney confirmed that while the current Arenas mode doesn’t have a ranked system in play, there is an MMR system in place.

“There actually is a hidden MMR-style rating system even in pubs for Arenas,” wrote Ryan. “So, should start to feel less stompy after you get enough games in.” This determines the skill level of each player for matchmaking.


This has garnered a ton of excitement among the Apex community, as Ranked mode has proven to be popular. We’ll have to wait until Season 10 launches to see this implemented.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Arenas-based Thrillseeker Event will also introduce a new map for the 3v3 mode. This area will be called “Overflow,” and it’s exciting to see how many changes Respawn has planned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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