All Ranked changes in Apex Legends Season 18

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The Apex Legends devs have officially revealed the much-needed ranked changes coming in Season 18, explaining how they are looking to make the mode better.

Apex Legends Season 18 has been announced and will arrive on August 8, including a ton amount of new content and changes like new weapon nerfs and buffs, new legends, and more.

One of the most controversial topics in the game has been the Ranked Leagues, as the devs decided to make changes to the rank system, which unfortunately didn’t work gone down too well.

That’s why the community has been demanding ranked changes, and the devs confirmed they will be delivering them with the game’s Season 18.

Apex Legends devs reveal ranked changes for Season 18

Apex Legends’ Respawn Entertainment revealed all the ranked changes that will arrive with Season 18.

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The changes include:

  • Decreasing overall LP gains per match to combat the overall shift in the rank distribution.
  • Adding a ruleset that only applies to Diamond+ to properly dial in the top of the ladder.
    • Players in these ranked tiers will have increased stakes and losses and decreased rating bonuses and loss mitigations. Be ready to put it all on the line.
  • Adding a minimum elimination bonus increase based on the player’s MMR and buffing elimination bonus in general. Eliminations should always be a contributor to your rank.
  • Increasing action in the ring by adjusting ring damage (see patch notes for more details).
  • Adjusting ring timings to create more mid-game encounters and less pre-finale lulls (see patch notes for more details).
  • Updating matchmaking to better handle players that are actively challenging their MMR, for more competitively challenging matches that mirror their ranking.
  • A small portion of the Elimination bonus is exempted from bonus withholding due to mismatched MMR and LP. This value increases based on the player’s MMR.
  • Skill & Rating Bonuses have been dramatically reduced.

Apex Legends Ranked LP table adjusted in Season 18

As previously announced by devs, the previous LP tuning was causing a series of cascading issues with the rest of the Ranked system, so here’s the adjusted LP table available with Apex Legends’ Season 18.

PlacementS17S18S18 Diamond+

Dive Trails removed from ranked rewards in Season 18

Respawn have also made it clear that the ranked rewards for Apex Legends will no longer feature Dive Trails. Instead, Diamond+ players will get an animated Banner Frame to show off their achievements.

  • The Epic Banner Frame lets players flex their hard-earned status at the start of a match and more importantly, every time they take down other players.
  • Badges, Holosprays, and Weapon Cosmetics will continue to be rewarded in Ranked as in previous seasons.

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