XDefiant devs confirm weapon & camo progression changes after massive complaints

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant cleaner faction character

Following XDefiant’s June 18 update complaints regarding highly requested changes to the weapon leveling progression and Mastery Camos requirements, the devs confirmed new changes will be introduced.

On an X post, the team announced that XDefiant’s next patch, which has no release date yet, will carry level progression and Mastery Camo changes based on players’ feedback after June 18’s update.

The changes will double the speed at which players rank up each weapon, requiring 1,500 XP for primary guns (previously 3,000 XP) and 500 XP for secondary guns (previously 1,000 XP). As shared by a follow-up post from XDefiant’s Mark Rubin, “unlocking attachments will be super fast” after the patch goes live.

However, to balance this out, the grind for Mastery Camos “will be 14% faster than before the recent patch.” This ultimately reverts the change introduced on June 18’s update but keeps the 14% speed increase, set to allow players to unlock attachments easily, but still need to grind to earn the camos.

Additionally, in response to the backlash over weapon progression and Mastery Camo requirements, Mark Rubin provided an explanation for the changes.

In his post, Mark stated that they’re aware that the “main grind in the game right now is Weapon Mastery,” which caused the team to “fear that players would achieve the end of that grind too fast and that would make the skins feel less special and rewarding.”

However, he recognized the mistake of introducing the Mastery Camos requirement change while the game was live, affecting “people [that] had already put in effort towards progression.” This led to reverting the changes and making it “even better than before” to unlock attachments.

Lastly, he confirmed the team will keep working on “new ways to grind out cool rewards” set to arrive at the game in “multiple future updates.”

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