Warzone RICOCHET anti-cheat has hackers begging for a second chance

Luca Di Marzo
Ricochet anti cheat reaction

In a comedic twist of fate, Warzone cheaters took to the Internet to voice their frustrations with the newly released RICOCHET anti-cheat.

Call of Duty players were understandably upset after hearing the news that RICOCHET’s Warzone Pacific launch would be exclusive to the Asia-Pacific region. Warzone players had been anticipating the addition of RICOCHET for months. 

Naturally, being told to wait longer following the launch of Warzone Pacific did not go over well with the community. Thankfully, players didn’t have to wait too long as RICOCHET’s official worldwide launch occurred on December 15. 

RICOCHET anti-cheat wordlwide release

riccochet anti-cheat warzone

The initial reaction to RICOCHET has been extremely positive. What with the storm of negative reactions to the abundance of bugs and glitches across the game, it is nice to see the community agree on something positive for a change. That is to say, the community of non-cheaters. 

The reaction from players who dabbled with cheating and hacking in the past is sure to put a smile on your face. It seems as though RICOCHET is proving too much to handle for cheaters and they are voicing their frustration at not being able to escape the anti-cheat.

Reddit user jamcowl has compiled a list of several interesting reactions to the anti-cheat. A common trend arises wherein cheaters cannot outrun RICOCHET even when they purchase new computers. 

Most comments under the post display no remorse and share a sentiment of reaping what you sow. One particular comment perfectly sums up the concept of cheaters complaining that they can no longer play Warzone, “The victim mentality from a guy abusing the system”. 

It’s nice to know that RICOCHET is working well and keeping law-abiding players safe. Long gone are the days of aggravatingly dying to cheaters.

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