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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Bizarre Warzone Pacific glitch turns Kar98k into a semi-automatic monster

A strange new glitch has turned Vanguard’s bolt-action Kar98k into a devastatingly powerful semi-automatic rifle.



Warzone Operator using Kar98k

The bolt action Kar98k is a fan-favorite Warzone weapon, but a bizarre new glitch appears to have turned the Vanguard version into a semi-automatic monster.

Warzone Pacific developers released an update on December 15 which nerfed the Automaton and provided various bug fixes. However, it appears that a bizarre glitch slipped through the cracks and is now getting attention.

The Vanguard Kar98k, a bolt action Sniper Rifle, can be turned semi-automatic with the right build. This glitch completely eliminates the bolt animation, making it so that the Kar can fire shot after shot, uninterrupted.

Call of Duty Vanguard Kar98 in Warzone

YouTuber FaZe Dirty showed off the class he used to turn the Kar98k semi-automatic but was unsure which specific attachment caused it. In a video uploaded on December 12, we can see him take down several enemies without the Kar98k ever needing to be rechambered.

However, another Warzone YouTuber, KRNG Depv, uploaded a clip of the glitched Kar to Twitter, showing that the shots can be fired insanely fast. Some believe it was caused by the December 15 update, but from Dirty’s video, it appears the glitch has been around longer.

The Kar98k’s power is balanced by its bolt-action nature, but it now being semi-automatic could make it devastatingly powerful. If you still use it as a traditional Sniper Rifle, you’ll be able to take advantage of its semi-automatic mode to nail a few quick headshots or instantly finish off a downed player.

Now that more and more players are learning about this glitch, we expect Raven Software will be quick to fix it. But, similar to the low FPS on Xbox Series consoles issue, it hasn’t been listed on their Trello board of known bugs and issues yet.

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Image Credit: Activision