Warzone players furious as another Modern Warfare gun is “completely useless” after nerfs

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare player with VLK Rogue Shotgun

Warzone players love their Modern Warfare guns, and the VLK Rogue Shotgun was finally seeing use after buffs in Season 4 Reloaded. However, they’ve been left furious after the August 3 update made it “completely useless” and worse than it was before.

With Modern Warfare 2 and its beta on the way, Warzone players have been returning to fan-favorite Modern Warfare 2019 weapons. Although underpowered compared to Vanguard weapons in the past, Season 4 Reloaded brought Modern Warfare guns back to the meta, and players were delighted.

The Kilo 141 and VLK Rogue Shotgun launched their way into the meta after the update but were swiftly nerfed again only a week later in the August 3 update. Players were especially shocked to see the VLK nerfed as it still had an extremely low pick rate, and are furious that it’s now “worse than it was after the last updates buff.”

The Season 4 Reloaded update buffed the VLK Rogue’s Max Pellet Damage by 26%, but then the August 3 patch reduced it again by over 30% — making it worse than it was before.

Warzone players devasted with VLK Rogue nerf

The August 3 patch notes were posted to the Warzone subreddit, and players were quick to call out the devs for nerfing the Modern Warfare Shotgun.

“I was getting super bored of the game and then the VLK became a thing again. Was having a BLAST with that shotgun these past couple days. Now they nerf it again…” mourned JahIsGucci. “They don’t touch the Marco and blixen for MONTHS but a shotgun that wasn’t even popular to begin with they nerf in 5 days.”

“I swear they only want us playing with two guns! Meta AR and meta SMG, nothing else!” the Redditor continued in another thread.

“VLK nerfed by over 30 percent… Now it’s worse than the pre buffed version and for what, nobody using it anyway,” said Booraz149.

While the Rogue’s K/D shot up to one of the highest in the game, it was still one of the least used weapons with an overall pick rate of 0.14 according to WZ Ranked.

“VLK (the best shotgun) had a 0.25% pick-rate on Resurgence,” explained another user. “That’s like 1 in every 400 players using it and yet the Devs have nerfed it to the point where it’s completely useless. I think I’m finally done with WZ.”

Whether the VLK Rogue will get another buff remains to be seen, but more nerfs are coming to the H4 Blixen after it was secretly buffed in the patch.

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