Vanguard players sick of “overpowered” Dogs Killstreaks

Andrew Highton
vanguard attack dogs

It’s rare to have a game of Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer that doesn’t have at least one batch of vicious Attack Dogs or a Guard Dog. But players feel they’re too strong and need to be nerfed.

Killstreaks have been a mainstay in the Call of Duty franchise for the longest time and can massively change the course of a game.

Vanguard has its own set of deadly Killstreaks that can turn the tide of war, two of which are the Guard Dog Killstreak and Attack Dogs Killstreak. Once a player reaches 6 consecutive kills with guns and equipment the player can partner up with a Guard Dog. Get 10 consecutive kills, and it’s time to release the hounds.

They are well-earned Killstreaks that can reap a handsome amount of kills, but the HP of dogs seems to be huge, perhaps too much.

cod vanguard attack dog

Reddit user Ok_Needleworker_3046 said: “Dogs are so overpowered it’s a joke,” and detailed their experience with a Terminator-like dog.

“I was just using the G-43 and came face to face with the single Guard Dog you can call in, it just looked at me, so I shot it 5 times in the head, point-blank,” they explained. “It then just jumped and killed me and it should not take 5 point-blank headshots to kill a dog. They climb roofs, ladders, etc, complete joke.”

As well as the Guard Dogs, players are also tired of the much-larger Attack Dogs Killstreak as they take too many hits to kill.

“They take 2 rockets to kill which makes absolutely no sense. Like, maybe the personal dog, sure, it’s got armor so at least it looks feasible to a certain extent, but the Attack Dogs are just bare and eat high explosives for breakfast without any milk,” said one frustrated player.

The thread continued to be riddled with complaint after complaint and even attributed the constant annoyance of dogs to the Dead Drop glitch.

In recent Call of Duty games, we’ve found that Killstreaks are barely ever changed and this will probably be the case with the different Dogs Killstreaks.

For some more Vanguard news, players are begging for map voting to return, plus, check out the bizarre Vanguard glitch that creates sandstorms.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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