MW3 players demand major nerf to “deadly” one-shot Sniper Rifle

Aakash Regmi
two players shooting in mw3

MW3 has plenty of Sniper Rifles, but one has been a dominating pick across all modes. Not only are players demanding a major nerf, but it is also reminding them of the fan-favorite Kar98k meta from the MW 2019. 

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 is now nearing its mid-season Reloaded update. The second season added two new weapons, the RAM-9 SMG and the BP50 AR, with two more due later, including the SOA Subverter Battle Rifle.

It also saw several buffs and nerfs across the board, but Sniper Rifles were left relatively untouched. Among the pool, Longbow has quickly become the most sort-after pick, as the rapid-fire Sniper Rifle is some of the best for quickscoping playstyle. 

Longbow has become so popular that players feel it has gone past Kar98k, which dominated for a long time and was a fan favorite in MW19. Reddit user ‘RandomGoof567’ made a post on the ‘ModernWarfareIII’ subreddit saying “Longbow is mad stupid.”

The OP wrote, “I really think this game is fun multiplayer wise… until the other team just takes out their longbows. Somehow it’s a bigger infestation than the KAR.” They also claimed that it is impossible to compete with any other weapons if opponents whip out the Longbow in MW3: “I legit can’t compete against 3 guys on the other team using this busted gun vs. myself.”

Many agreed with the OP, as one user said, “It really does need a nerf. I used it on Meat last night just for funsies and it turned the game into a point-and-click adventure.” Plenty of players agreed that it needs a nerf, “Snipers need NERFED ASAP PERIOD! Ruining the game period!”

Some, meanwhile, claimed guns like Longbow can get more devastating when combined with aim assist, “One shot weapons are particularly deadly with aim assist.”

Others said it shouldn’t be under the Sniper Rifles category, “The audacity to call that thing a sniper.” Another user said, “Genuinely gigaminded decision to have a bolt action AK, chambered in 7.62, in the same class as dinosaurs chambered in .50 BMG.”

Players are hoping the upcoming Season 3 update will bring some nerfs to the weapon. In the meantime, check out the best weapons in MW3 if you want to dominate the lobbies yourself.