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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Crazy Vanguard Dead Drop glitch gives players unlimited free killstreaks

Call of Duty Vanguard players have discovered new glitch that grants them unlimited killstreaks to use in combat.



Vanguard Operator firing a flamethrower

CoD Vanguard players have discovered a new glitch with the Dead Drop Field Upgrade that allows them to get an unlimited amount of killstreaks for free, giving them an edge over their opponents.

Call of Duty Vanguard arrived on November 5 and brought a plethora of fun content for players to enjoy. If you’re a skilled player then you can get your hands on some powerful killstreaks.

While killstreaks are usually challenging to acquire, players have now discovered a glitch in the Dead Drop Field Upgrade that is granting them the same streak an unlimited amount of times.

Dead Drop Field Upgrade Vangaurd

The Dead Drop Field Upgrade records your current killstreak score and saves your progress after you get killed in a game of Vanguard. Dexerto’s Jacob Hale highlighted the glitch in a clip on Twitter.

It shows the player using the Attack Dogs killstreak multiple times in succession without getting the requirement of 10 kills. It turns out that along with saving your progress, Dead Drop also saves the streak after players are eliminated.

This lets them use the streak again after respawning. So, players can keep using the Field Upgrade to immediately get the top streak again, letting them use unlimited killstreaks during battle.

“I’ve already used Dogs and Dead Drop in this clip, respawn and I pop them again. Can literally do this unlimited times,” Jacob explained in his tweet.

Shortly after this tweet, a few other players began sharing their own experiences with the glitch. “Yeah, I started doing this last night. If you can get dogs once, you’ll get them 3-4 times a map,” tweeted one player.

Exploring a glitch to get unlimited killstreaks can ruin the balance of the game as some players would abuse it to become overpowered. So, the developers will probably fix this issue in a future update.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammmer Games