Vanguard players frustrated with “useless” Field Upgrades

Luca Di Marzo
Deployable Cover Field Upgrade Vanguard

With only a couple of viable options, Vanguard players are growing tired of the “useless” Field Upgrades they must choose from.

Vanguard isn’t the first Call of Duty title to implement the use of Field Upgrades but players are now claiming that the Vanguard selection is one of the worst they’ve seen.

Field Upgrades are supposed to be abilities or equipment that give you a temporary advantage in battle but with how poor the current selection is, Vanguard players feel as though the majority are quite useless.

Supply Box Field Upgrade Vanguard

Since Vanguard’s launch, players have been able to choose from nine Field Upgrades. Each Field Upgrade is supposed to deliver a unique advantage on the battlefield. However, with how fast-paced and chaotic Vanguard gameplay is at times, players believe most Field Upgrades feel rather useless

Vanguard players have the option to equip the following Field Upgrades:

  • Supply Box
  • Deployable Cover
  • Dead Silence
  • Goliath
  • Jammer
  • Dead Drop
  • Tactical Insertion
  • Field Mic
  • Armore Plates

Of the nine, one Vanguard player believes that most are utterly useless and the comments on a post in the Vanguard subreddit put this sentiment to the test.

The biggest issue that players seem to have is how these Field Upgrades fail to match the quick pace at which Vanguard multiplayer is played. One comment noted how unbalanced they feel, “COD devs still haven’t figured out how to balance any of their customisation categories. There’s only ever 1-3 good picks for anything that is customisable.”

Interestingly enough the comment section is filled with debates arguing for and against the usefulness of some Field Upgrades. Despite this discussion, it seems the one aspect that all players could agree upon is the desperate need for a Trophy System.

From Multiplayer to Ranked Play, to the CDL, it seems most players agree that a Trophy System would combat grenade spam and make Vanguard more enjoyable.

For more Vanguard content, check out the patch notes for Vanguard’s March 3 update.

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