Vanguard March 3 update patch notes: Perk & equipment nerfs

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard Gondola map

Call of Duty: Vanguard devs issued an update on March 3, here are all the patch notes to get you up to speed with the various changes.

Vanguard Season 2 has been running quite smoothly and although there are still some odd glitches and bugs around, most players have been pleased with the Ranked Play Beta. Ranked Play fans will now see the Intuition Perk and Marksman Rifles as Restricted items in pre-match Create-a-Class.

The March 3 Vanguard update also nerfed the Gammon Bomb and Fortified Perk.

Fortified nerf & Gung-Ho buff

Fortified Perk Vanguard

The Fortified Perk is one of the most used Perks in the first Perk slot alongside Ninja and Ghost. However, it seems like the Perk that reduces explosive damage was deemed too powerful and has been nerfed as a result.

Following the update, fully-healed players equipped with the Fortified Perk can no longer survive being stuck with a Sticky Bomb. This can also be seen as a buff to the Sticky Bomb equipment.

Meanwhile, the Gung-Ho Proficiency received a buff as the weapon attachment produces faster weapon sprint-out times.

Spy Plane and Counter-Spy Plane changes

Vanguard Spy Plane

Both Spy Planes and Counter-Spy Planes will now exhibit a slower cruise speed. This change will delight players looking to complete Launcher challenges as the slower speed will make them easier to take down.

After the February 22 update, players noticed that both killstreaks were proving impossible to take down which is why the devs have slowed down their speed. The full set of patch notes can be found below.

Vanguard March 3 update patch notes


  • Casablanca
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes spawn near enemies in the Patrol mode.
    • Casablanca has returned to the map rotation in Patrol playlists.


  • Ranked Beta
    • Intuition Perk and Marksman Rifles will now appear as Restricted items in pre-match Create-a-Class in Ranked Play.
  • Champion Hill
    • Fixed an issue causing a “Lost Connection to Host” error message when attempting to load the Champion Hill – Solo mode in Private Match.


  • Gung-Ho (Proficiency)
    • Decreased weapon sprint-out times.


  • Gammon Bomb
    • Decreased explosive damage and explosion radius in Hardcore modes.


  • Fortified
    • Fully-healed players equipped with the Fortified Perk can no longer survive being stuck with a Sticky Bomb.


  • Spy Plane and Counter-Spy Plane
    • Decreased cruise speed.

Bundles & MTX

  • Year of the Tiger Bundle
    • The “Arrival of Luck” Weapon Charm has received an animation pass to improve physics and overall appearance. 
  • Death Bite Pro Pack
    • Roland’s “Toxic Run” Operator Skin will no longer appear multiple times in the Customization menu.


Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where the Sturmkrieger’s targeting could break when multiple players backed away from it.
  • Added general stability fixes to “Terra Maledicta.”

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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