Starfield player discovers game’s ‘saddest story’ while exploring random ship

Aryan Singh
The Colander ship in Starfield

Starfield’s themes are certainly more optimistic when compared to other games set in the future. But a player on Reddit recently came across the “saddest story” in the game while exploring a derelict ship.

Starfield is an RPG centered around space exploration and the game even provides over 1000 planets for players to discover. These open spaces house points of interest, side quests, and even settlements, meaning that there’s something to uncover in every corner.

Beyond planet locations, there’s also plenty to discover in space, including encounters with Bethesda’s signature environmental storytelling elements. These bite-sized stories are usually tucked inside derelict ships in random star systems, and some of them can be as bleak as those found in the Fallout games.

A great example of this was shared on the Starfield subreddit by user ‘None2You.’ They posted images of the encounter and deemed it “the saddest story” that they found in the entire game. Due to the use of procedural generation, the location of this encounter will be different for every player, but it always takes place on a random ship floating in space.

The story itself is about the tragic fate of a family of three, conveyed through two text logs and carefully placed objects. The crux of it surrounds Allie, a small girl who passes away abruptly leaving her parents dismayed. The mother fails to come to terms with Allie’s passing and eventually takes a drastic step herself.

Allie’s father then pens an emotional text log, recounting the events and expressing sadness over losing his family. Players can find this log, discover what’s left of the couple, and even find mementos of Allie.

The encounter left an impression on many users in the comments section, with one user saying, “Oh f*** not this again, I just got over it, make sure to blow it up so they can be one with the stars and Allie, that’s what I did.”

Others highlighted Starfield‘s random encounters for packing interesting stories, “The random ship POIs are some of the best in the game. They veer from genuinely funny to straight-up dark and disturbing.”

Many users went on to share their own discoveries, ranging from strange cults in space to a case of infidelity in a relationship. There’s certainly a decent bit of variety in these encounters, making it worth looking out for them.

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