Starfield player creates near indestructible ship with surreal design

Nathan Warby
Ship floating above planet in Starfield

Space combat is a major feature in Starfield and it’s easy to spend countless hours building the perfect ship. Now, one creative Starfield player has built a ship that is “effectively immune” from damage, making it virtually impossible to shoot down.

Away from the main story and countless side missions, Starfield‘s ship builder is one of the game’s most popular features. The system lets players design and build their own space shuttles, customizing every individual component all the way down to its name.

As you’d expect, the community has wasted no time in pushing the ship creator to its limits, sharing some weird and wonderful designs. We’ve already seen a number of recreations of iconic vehicles, from Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon to a UNSC Pelican from Halo.

However, one Starfield player decided to forget about looks and used the tool to build an unconventional ship that is almost indestructible.

Reddit user ‘Solace_of_the_Thorns’ shared a post explaining that they created a starship that is “immune to frontal damage.” Dubbed the “Fat L” or “L-Wing,” the ship’s shape appeared to throw off shots from enemy vessels and cause them to harmlessly pass by, as shown in the video clip below.

In the comments, the OP explained that they made the discovery when experimenting with how NPC ships target the player. They found that they would always aim for the midpoint of any ship, leading them to come up with a build that was essentially a hollow rectangle.

After realizing that incoming lasers and missiles would float straight through the middle of the ship without causing damage, they took things one step further by using an ‘L’ shape.

The OP clarified that the midpoint that enemy ships will target in Starfield is based on the “X, Y and Z axis” of your craft. By using this slightly odd shape, “the Fat L has an offset midpoint that is actually not within the ship, but in space.”

While this doesn’t make the ship completely invincible, it bizarrely means that shots that are “on target” will miss you, while “stray” missiles could still hit. In practice, attacking rival ships head-on will actually be less risky than trying to run and swerve away.

The post received plenty of positive reactions, with other players praising the OP’s creativity. “Oh I love gamers, they always think of a workaround!” said one reply, before another added: “You’re a f***ing genius dude.”

Given how deep Starfield’s sip customization is, don’t be surprised to see players come up with even more unique creations like this one.

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