Is Starfield on Xbox Game Pass for PC & console?

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Bethesda’s Starfield is exclusive to PC and Xbox, prompting players to ask if it’s available on the PC and console versions of the Xbox Game Pass. Here’s what we know about Starfield on Xbox Game Pass.

One of the most highly-anticipated AAA titles of 2023, Starfield is now out and it boasts over a thousand planets spread across a new universe, hundreds of hours of content, and an unlimited amount of freedom that is quite similar to the company’s other notable RPGs.

This is a new-generation game that is available exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles. But, can players access the new title through Microsoft’s subscription service?

Here’s what you need to know about Starfield on the Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles.

Can you play Starfield on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, you can play Starfield through the Xbox Game Pass. The game was available as a Day One release which meant players were able to play it on the launch date itself. They were also able to pre-load the game ahead of its release, like every other Game Pass title.

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Starfield is a Day One release on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass has quickly become one of the most popular services in gaming, as it provides countless titles for both PC and Xbox users via a monthly subscription. So far, almost all major Bethesda titles have been added to the subscription service, and more may still be added.

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However, not all Game Pass titles are available on both PC and Xbox.

Is Starfield on PC Game Pass?

Yes, Starfield is also on Xbox Game Pass for PC. As previously stated, it was a Day One release.

Starfield is also available through the Xbox Game Pass Cloud service. It’s a great deal if your PC does not meet the system requirements or you don’t own an Xbox Series X/S console.

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