Blox Fruits tier list: Best fruits in 2024

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Blox Fruits is close to getting 30 billion visits on Roblox and is easily one of the biggest games on the platform. If you’re struggling to progress, check out this Blox Fruits tier list revealing the best Zoan, Paramecia, and Logia fruits and the best fruits for clearing PvP and PvE content.

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular games in the history of Roblox and since its release in 2019, it has amassed over 6 million likes. Regular updates that add new content such as fruits and subclasses have naturally played a major role in this.

Having said that, the frequent addition of new fruits can make the meta confusing, and choosing the right fruits is very important for progress. If you’re confused about which fruits to use in the game, here’s a Blox Fruits tier list featuring the best Zoan, Paramecia, and Logia fruits as well as the best fruits for PvP and PvE content.

Official artwork for Roblox Blox Fruits
You can also use swords and guns to deal damage in Blox Fruits.

What are fruits in Blox Fruit and their types

Fruits in Roblox’s Blox Fruits help players deal damage to opponents including bosses. There are three major types of fruits in the game:

  1. Zoan (beast fruit) – You can transform into a beast and deal explosive damage to opponents.
  2. Paramecia (natural fruit) – You can use the power of natural forces around you. These fruits are ideal for both ranged and close combat.
  3. Logia (elemental fruit) – You get the properties of different elements that can be used against enemies with lower elemental immunity.

We’ve divided this tier list into three sections based on the type of fruit. In the end, you’ll also get to see the best overall fruits in the game.

Best fruits in Blox Fruits: Overall tier list

While the tier lists below can be useful for specific situations, here’s a tier list featuring all fruits in Blox Fruits ranked on their overall power and versatility :

TierBlox Fruit
SBlizzard, Budda, Dark, Dough, Dragon, Leopard, Rumble, Shadow, Soul, Spider, Venom
ABarrier, Control, Flame, Light, Magma, Phoenix, Quake, Rumble, String
BDiamond, Door, Gravity, Ice, Paw, Revive, Sand
CFalcon, Love, Rubber, Smoke, Spring
DBomb, Chop, Kilo, Spike, Spin

Best beast fruits (Zoan)

You can use the table below to learn about the best beast fruits in Blox Fruits:

TierZoan Fruit
SLeopard, Dragon, Buddha,
AMammoth, Phoenix

Best natural fruits (Paramecia)

You can use the table below to learn about the best natural fruits in Blox Fruits:

TierParamecia Fruit
SVenom, Shadow, Soul, Dough
AControl, Barrier, Quake, String, Pain
BDiamond, Door, Gravity, Paw, Revive
CLove, Rubber, Spring, Sound
DChop, Kilo, Spin, Spike, Bomb
Blox Fruits character wearing a pirate hat
Once a player stores a fruit, they cannot drop it in Blox Fruits.

Best elemental fruits (Logia)

You can use the table below to learn about the best elemental fruits in Blox Fruits:

TierLogia Fruit
SDark, Magma
AFlame Light, Rumble, Blizzard
BSand, Blizzard

Best fruits in Blox Fruits for PvE

In the table below, you’ll find all devil fruits in Blox Fruits ranked based on their ability to help clear PvE content:

SSoul, Spider, Dough, Dragon, Dark, Leopard, Blizzard, Flame
ARumble, Shadow, Barrier, Buddha, Light, String, Phoenix, Magma, Revive
BGravity, Ice, Door, Diamond, Sand, Love, Smoke
CControl, Spring, Falcon, Rubber, Chop, Kilo, Paw
DQuake, Bomb, Spike, Spin

Best fruits in Blox Fruits for PvP

PvP content in Blox Fruits is slightly different, and here are the best fruits for it:

SDragon, Venom, Dough, Shadow, Portal, Ice, Spirit, Light
APhoenix, Buddha, String, Paw, Control
BGravity, Flame, Magma, Rumble, Rubber, Dark, Revive
CLove, Sand, Diamond, Falcon, Barrier, Smoke, Spring
DChop, Spike, Kilo

Well, this was our Blox Fruits tier list and we hope it helped you pick the most potent fruits to defeat the most powerful bosses in the game.

How to get fruits in Blox Fruits

The Blox Fruit Merchant is the best way to get fruits in Blox Fruits. The stock with the NPC refreshes every four hours which means you’ll always get chances to buy your favorite fruit. But make sure that you have enough resources as the prices for high-tier fruits can be sky-scraping.

The fruits you buy from the merchant are consumed automatically, implying that you won’t have to rely on public trades to obtain them at a much higher price. Keeping track of the stock and visiting the NPC when fewer players are active can help you get the perfect deal.

How to get free fruits in Blox Fruits

You can get free devil fruits in Blox Fruits by collecting them from the open world. They spawn at random locations hourly and disappear if no one claims them within 20 minutes. You can increase the odds of finding these fruits by getting the game pass but it costs real money.

Many game pass players get information about upcoming fruit spawns and to make the most of this, it is recommended to unlock the fastest mobility powers or someone else will most likely claim the fruit before you.

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