The Strongest Battlegrounds tier list: Best characters

Udit Surve
Characters fighting in Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds.

With new characters arriving in The Strongest Battlegrounds via updates that also introduce nerfs and buff for the existing roster, the need for a tier list is more than ever.

Since the game is on track to become one the most popular titles on Roblox such as Blox Fruits and Da Hood, you need to focus on the right characters to max out in order to get on the leaderboards amongst thousands of players.

So here’s a tier list ranking every Strongest Battlegrounds character from best to worst.

The Strongest Battlegrounds character tier list

S+Sorcerer (Gojo), The Strongest Hero (Saitama), Wild Psychic (Tatsumaki)
SBrutal Demon (Metal Bat), Blade Master (Atomic Samurai)
ADestructive Cyborg (Genos)
BHero Hunter (Garou)
CDeadly Ninja (Sonic)

Best characters in The Strongest Battlegrounds

Here’s why The Strongest Battlegrounds characters in the S+ tier are the best ones:

The Strongest Hero (Saitama)

The Strongest Hero (Saitama) is one of the best characters in The Strongest Battlegrounds due to how easy it is to learn combos for this character. Also, for how quickly he charges his ultimate which gives him the ability to knock down enemies with just a single punch.

The Strongest Hero (Saitama) performing his ultimate in Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds
The Strongest Battlegrounds has tons of anime characters.

Wild Psychic (Tatsumaki)

Although she is available only via the Early Access Game Pass, Wild Psychic (Tatsumaki) packs a huge punch. Her base move set is powerful enough for you to take down enemies without having to use a Finisher.

Sorcerer (Gojo) – The best character in The Strongest Battlegrounds

The Sorcerer’s ability to one-shot enemies using his abilities is one of the main reasons he is the best character in The Strongest Battlegrounds. He takes after Gojo Satoru from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime series.

While Sorcerer also gives you unlimited M1 buff which makes him the strongest character in the game, he is only available for Game Pass players on VIP servers.

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