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All Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Codes in December 2022: Free Energy, Practice Boosts, more

With these redeemable codes for Roblox’s Anime Punching Simulator, you can collect a ton of energy in December 2022.



Naruto, Goku and Luffy in Anime Punching Simulator in Roblox

Gaining energy and collecting Gems to unlock heroes is the primary goal in Roblox’s Anime Punching Simulator. To help you with these important tasks, here’s a list of Anime Punching Simulator codes that can grant freebies in December 2022.

Roblox consists of several anime-inspired games that have a different gameplay experience for the average player. From True Piece to Anime Rifts, anime fans have contributed in their own way to making a massive library of games and experiences in Roblox.

While some games are based around RPG quests, others are brawler games that are mostly based on the concept of pure combat using the most primal weapon for humans – their fists. In Anime Punching Simulator, players can choose their favorite anime character and collect power-ups to complete their anime storyline and travel to different universes.

To become the strongest brawler in the game, you need to collect power-ups, throw punches at your opponents, and naturally, win fights. Here’s a list of codes that you can use to collect free items and level up faster.

Roblox Characters in Title Screen

Working Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Codes in December 2022

Here’s a list of working Anime Punching Simulator codes in Roblox:

  • SORRYFORLATE – 2x Gems Boost 
  • THX70M – Practice Boost 
  • 65MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • 140KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 200KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 60MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • 190KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 130KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 55MVISITS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 180KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 125KLIKES – 2x Gem Boost
  • 160KFAVS – 2x Practice Boost
  • 50MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • 110KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • DARKBLOX – 2x Energy Boost
  • SONTY – 2x Energy Boost
  • EMPERADORMAXI – 2x Energy Boost
  • TGOH – 2x Energy Boost
  • JUSTZACK – 2x Energy Boost
  • 105KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • 150KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 40MVISITS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 75KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost 
  • 110KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost 
  • JAKEPUDDING – 2x Energy Boost
  • NECROBR – 2x Energy Boost 
  • JOHNSVEN – 2x Energy Boost 
  • 30MVISITS – 2x Energy Boost 
  • 100KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 70KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • KINGISAQT – 2x Energy Boost
  • PLIQUE – 2x Practice Boost 
  • OPM – 2x Practice Boost 
  • MEQUIS – 2x Gem Boost
  • SAO – 2x Practice Boost
  • 80KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 90KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 100KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 130KFAVS – 2x Practice Boost
  • BRONZERBR – 2x Practice Boost
  • TAVIOZERA – 2x Practice Boost
  • 65KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 22MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • FAIRY – 2x Energy Boost
  • OPENSAMU – 2x Energy Boost
  • 55KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • 50KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • 20MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • 80KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost
  • GonGonLindao – 1250 Energy
  • tigretvgems – 2x Gems Boost
  • TigreTv – 2x Energy Boost
  • 16MVISITS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 45KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • 70KFAVS – 2x Practice Boost
  • HUNTER – 2x Practice Boost
  • 14MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • Dreamzinho – 2x Practice Boost
  • 40KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • HERO – 2x Practice Boost
  • 35KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 50KFAVS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 10MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • 30KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 8MVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • BOLINHOBLOX – 2x Energy Boost
  • 25KLIKES – 2x Practice Boost
  • VAGNERGAMES – 2x Practice Boost
  • 15klikes – 2x Practice Boost
  • 4MVisits – 2x Practice Boost
  • 2MVISITS – 2x Energy Boost
  • 10KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • 5KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • 1MVISITS – 2x Energy Boost
  • MASTER – 1,250 Energy
  • 500KVISITS – Free Rewards
  • 250kvisits – 2x Energy Boost
  • 80KVISITS – 2x Practice Boost
  • 1KLIKES – 2x Energy Boost
  • Release – 250 Energy

Free rewards are randomized so there is no fixed item that you can get every time you redeem the code wherever it is mentioned in the list above.

Expired Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Codes in December 2022

As of December 2022, there are no inactive codes for Anime Punching Simulator in Roblox. We will, however, update this list as soon as any of the existing codes expire. Make sure to check back this list as we keep updating it regularly.

How to Redeem codes in Anime Punching Simulator

How to redeem Anime Punching Simulator codes in Roblox

To redeem a working code from the list above in Anime Punching Simulator in Roblox, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Anime Punching Simulator on Roblox on a Mobile or a PC device
  2. Press the chat icon (with blue bubbles) on the left-hand side of your screen
  3. Enter a code from the list above
  4. And you’re done! You can now use your rewards in-game.

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above as they are case-sensitive.

Anime Punching Simulator codes are extremely popular amongst the anime gaming community as they have helped players with lower levels progress rapidly. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more info on any active codes out there.

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Image Credits: Roblox