Blox Fruits codes (June 2024)

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Official art work featuring a battle in Blox Fruits

Here are the latest Blox Fruit codes that you can redeem to get free EXP, Beli, Resets, and more in June 2024.

From exploring the world to taking on bosses, and more, there is a lot to do in Roblox Blox Fruits. The game has over 34 billion visits to its name and also lets you redeem codes to make the grind easier.

Here’s a list of active Blox Fruits codes that can get you free EXP, Resets, Beli, and more in June 2024.

Working Blox Fruits codes in June 2024

You can get free 2x XP, Stat Rests, Beli, and other rewards by redeeming these Blox Fruits codes in June 2024:

  • ADMINHACKED – 2x XP for 20 mins
  • fruitconcepts – 2x XP for 20 mins
  • krazydares – 2x XP for 20 mins
  • kittgaming – 2x XP for 20 mins
  • TRIPLEABUSE – 2x XP for 20 mins
  • KITT_RESET – Stat Reset
  • Fudd10 – Beli
  • fudd10_v2 – Beli
  • Bignews – Title
  • Sub2CaptainMaui – 2x XP
  • Sub2Fer999 – 2x XP
  • Enyu_is_Pro – 2x XP
  • Magicbus – 2x XP
  • JCWK – 2x XP
  • Starcodeheo – 2x XP
  • Bluxxy – 2x XP
  • Sub2NoobMaster123 – 2x XP
  • Sub2UncleKizaru – Stat Refund
  • Sub2Daigrock – 2x XP
  • Axiore – 2x XP
  • TantaiGaming – 2x XP
  • StrawHatMaine – 2x XP
  • Sub2OfficialNoobie – 2x XP
  • TheGreatAce – 2x XP
  • Blox Fruits redeem codes page
    Blox Fruits is among the most visisted Roblox games.

    How to Redeem Blox Fruits codes on Roblox

    Redeeming the above-mentioned Blox Fruits codes on Roblox is all about finding the Twitter icon. Follow these quick steps:

    1. Navigate to the official Blox Fruits page on Roblox and click the green button to start the game.
    2. Upon entering Blox Fruits, choose your allegiance – Marines or Pirates.
    3. Once in the game, locate the Twitter bird icon on the left side of your screen.
    4. Insert the code you wish to redeem in the designated field and click ‘Try.’

    If the code is correct and valid, your rewards will be instantly available in Blox Fruits.

    What are Blox Fruits codes?

    Blox Fruits codes can grant you rewards such as XP Boosts, Stat Resets, Beli, Titles, and more. You can use XP Boosts to help you gain more experience points from your tasks. Stat Resets gives you more freedom while building your character and you can use Beli to purchase new weapons and other in-game items.

    Where can I find more Blox Fruits codes?

    You can find more Blox Fruits codes by joining the official Discord server and following The game’s X (formerly Twitter) account. This will also keep you updated about what’s happening in and around the game.

    The official Gamer Robot channel on YouTube is another great source that can help you get new codes. However, to save you from the hassle of checking these social media handles time and again, we’ll update this piece with the latest codes on time so make sure to check back often.

    When are new Blox Fruits codes released?

    Blox Fruits developers usually release new codes for the game when it reaches a new milestone in terms of total visits, likes, or active players. On top of it, the YouTube videos released on the official Gamer Robot channel are often accompanied by new codes.

    Hence, the best time to look for new codes is when the game has crossed a notable milestone and there’s an imminent update.

    Why are my Blox Fruits codes not working?

    If a Blox Fruits code doesn’t work on Roblox, it might have been deactivated by the game’s developers. While most codes have a long lifespan, developers might deactivate them during major updates. If there isn’t an ongoing update, remember that codes are case-sensitive, so ensure you’ve copied them as they’re spelled on this page.

    Expired Blox Fruits codes in June 2024

    • 1BILLION
    • 2BILLION
    • PointsReset
    • XmasReset
    • Control
    • UPD15
    • Update10
    • ShutDownFix2
    • Update11
    • XmasExp
    • EXP_5B
    • UPD14
    • RESET_5B
    • UPD16

    Here’s a list of expired codes along with their previous rewards. As active codes expire, they’ll be transferred here:

    Similar to Blox Fruit, games such as Attack on Titan RevolutionBlade BallWar Age Tycoon, and  Zo Samurai feature redeemable codes.

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