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All Roblox Base Battles Codes in March 2023: Free Tokens & more

From thousands of Tokens to weapon skins, you can get exciting freebies by redeeming these Roblox Base Battles codes in March 2023.



All Roblox Base battles Codes in August 2022

Roblox’s Base Battles provides unmatched military action by constantly releasing guns, cars, and planes. To get the strongest in-game equipment, redeem these Base Battles codes for free Tokens and Cash in March 2023.

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty or Battlefield games, then Base Battles is the game for you to enjoy in Roblox. It is a PvP shooter that requires you to capture the bases of your enemies while engaging in high-action combat using tanks, guns, and more.

The concept of the game is entirely different from other Roblox defense games like Omega Tower Defense Simulator and Tower Defense Shinobi. However, the map in Base Battles is vast and players have vehicles like Tanks at their disposal to wreak havoc.

There are several guns with excellent firepower that players can unlock and they can upgrade their stats by using tokens earned by completing quests and challenges. As the grind to get amass tokens can be tough, here’s a list of codes that can grant you some for free in March 2023.

Tanks in Roblox Base Battles

Working Roblox Base Battles Codes in March 2023

Here’s a list of working Roblox Base Battles codes in March 2023:

  • 250K – Free Cash
  • Rainster – Rainster weapon skin
  • DESTROYER – 25k Tokens
  • PREZ – 50k Tokens
  • 300K – 50k tokens
  • OVERTHEMOON – 15k Tokens
  • Carvas454 – 50k Tokens

Some rewards are randomized so there is no fixed item that you can get every time you redeem the code. Also, do note that the developers keep releasing new codes on the official Base Battles Twitter account.

Expired Roblox Base Battles Codes in March 2023

Here’s a list of expired Roblox Base Battles codes in March 2023:

  • SUMMER – 50k Tokens
  • 200K – 35k Tokens
  • 150KLIKES – 25k Tokens
  • 100KLIKES – 15K Tokens
  • Arctic – 4K Tokens
  • DEVKING – 3K Tokens
  • BETA – 1,090 Tokens
  • POCKETTACTICS – 10k Tokens
Redeem code method in Roblox Base Battles

How to redeem Base Battles Codes in Roblox

To redeem a working code from the list above in Roblox’s Base Battles, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Base Battles on Roblox on a Mobile or a PC device.
  2. Press the Codes button on the right side of your screen.
  3. Enter a code from the list above and hit Enter.
  4. And you’re done! You can now use your rewards in-game.

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above as they are case-sensitive.

Base Battles codes are extremely popular amongst the community as they offer some hefty rewards that you can use to get powerful guns and upgrades. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more info on any active codes out there.

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Image Credits: Roblox