Anime Crossover Defense tier list: Best Units, Teams & Traits

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A map in Anime Crossover Defense.

Here’s an updated Anime Crossover Defense tier list featuring the all-new Helmet and EveryMight ranked from best to worst.

If you want to get your name on the leaderboards in Anime Crossover Defense on Roblox, one of the best strategies is to unlock and grind only a few characters in the game.

Since the experience has a huge roster of characters, deciding which Units to max out, even with the help of codes, can be a little difficult, especially in the early and mid stages.

To help you out, here’s a tier list for Anime Crossover Defense categorizing all Units from best to worst.

Anime Crossover Defense tier list

Here are all the Units in Anime Fantasy ranked in a tier list from best to worst:

SModoro, Broccoli, Rengogo, Butterfly, Helmet
AByakari, Deo, Boulmi, EveryMight, Dark Invader, Bob, White Moustache, Time Maid
BEric, Henry, Joe, Curly Brows, Mosshead, Carrot
CEric, Blossom, Sneaky Clone, Cat Burglar, Ichytoe
DNirito, Peaceful Jeri
Nirito, Mosshead, and Ichytoe in Anime Crossover Defense

Best Units in Anime Crossover Defense


While the Top Path Modoro offers a great AOE, the Bottom Path Modoro excels in damage. Regardless of what you go for, Modoro clears out every wave with relative ease.


Based on Broly from Dragon Ball, Broccoli has one of the best ranges as well as damage, making him the best Unit to have on your team in Anime Crossover Defense. A maxed-out Broccoli can clear out enemies efficiently, even in the Challenge Rifts mode.


Although Rengogo shares the Mythic title with Broccoli, he’s not perfect from the get-go. Meaning, you’ll have to upgrade him to unlock his full potential. But once that is done, Rengogo becomes one of the most powerful Units in the game.


Butterfly is arguably one of the best support Units to have on your team in Anime Crossover Defense. If you upgrade her Lower Path she can heal your already existing Units, which can make a big difference at higher levels.

Best team in Anime Crossover Defense

Here are the Units you can use together to make the best team in Anime Crossover Defense:

Early GameMosshead, Ichytoe, Carrot
Mid GameCurly Brows, Time Maid, Joe, Dark Invader
End GameModoro, Broccoli, Rengogo, Butterfly, Boulmi, Dark Invader, Byakari

When you start, claim Carrot as he is perfect for clearing the initial levels in Story Mode, especially when you max out his Kameha.

For mid-game, you can add Curly Brows to your team and experiment with different Units while slowly unlocking more S and A-tier Units.

Since the game only lets you have seven Units at a time, we recommend sticking to all S and some A Tier Units to maximize your chances of winning in the end game.

Best Traits in Anime Crossover Defense

Here’s the Anime Crossover Defense Trait tier list ranking all of them from best to worst:

SCEO, Doppelganger, Omnipotent
ANanomachines, Innovator, Hawkeye, Radiant
BLightspeed, Range, Strength, Super Sonic
CSpeed, Range, Speed, Strength


CEO is easily one of the best Traits in Anime Crossover Defense as it not only helps in Coin generation by 30% but also reduces Cost by 25% allowing you to deploy more Units faster. Along with this, it boosts range by 40%, damage by 20%, and also increases the speed of the Unit by 10% which makes their attacks more lethal.


As the name suggests, Doppelganger creates a duplicate of your Unit by letting you place one more of it. Along with this, it amps up the damage by 50%, range by 25%, speed by 10%, and reduces cost by 10%.


The Omnipotent trait in Anime Crossover Defense is one of the best ones yet as it turns your Unit into a godlike one by increasing its damage by a whopping 140% and also boosts speed and range by 10%. But this comes at a cost of a maximum placement of 1.

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