Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are loving Kieran’s TCG Trainer Card

Lucas Simons
Kieran Trainer Card Pokemon TCG

Pokemon fans have been discussing a lot of the new cards coming to TCG with the Twilight Masquerade Expansion set. This set includes the new Ogerpon Card, and of course, Kieran’s Trainer Card, which players seem to be already loving.

For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players there’s nothing better than a strong opponent, and Kieran has proven to be one of the best characters to join the franchise as a rival. Considered by many to be stronger than the legendary Champion Cynthia from the Gen 4 Games, Kieran has risen in popularity at extreme speed.

So it is no surprise that with the recent reveal of the Twilight Masquerade Expansion set (Mask of Change in JP) trainers have been drooling all over with Kieran’s cameo in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Reddit user ‘SoubLOL420’ shared Kieran’s card on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Reddit page, and commented it would be “absolutely fitting” that Kieran also gets a pre and post ‘mental-breakdown’ card.

Most of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community agreed that Kieran’s card design is unique and absolutely “loyal” to its appearance in the Teal Mask, which has them quite satisfied. Also, the reveal of Ogerpon’s Cards with all the Mask variants has players also theorizing about their possible changes in the meta.

One of the players admitted that they are “eager to see” what this new set brings to the game, while another one stated: “It seems the Ogerpon cards are set up to work together in the same deck thanks to the item. Have some luminous energy about to make going between the types easier. Teal for energy acceleration, fighting to wall those with abilities, water to hit benched, and fire for big hits.”

Other confirmed cards for the set also include The Loyal Three (Fezandipiti, Okidogi, and Munkidori), Sinistcha, and Poltchageist. Fezandipiti and Munkidori cards seem to be the Psychic type, while Okidogi is set to be from the Fighting type. Meanwhile, Poltchageist and Sinistcha are from the Grass-type.

So there you have it, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players love Kieran’s appearance in the Pokemon TCG game. If you are looking to find out more about these games and their upcoming events and releases, why don’t you check the Pokemon TCG pocket release window, and the next Mass Outbreak event.

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