Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer set: Release date, confirmed cards, more

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon tcg night wanderer expansion set featuring pecharunt and the loyal three

The Night Wanderer expansion set by Pokemon TCG revolves around species introduced in Kitakami along with some great surprises. So, here’s all you need to know about this new trading card game set.

Pokemon TCG is bringing an exciting new expansion set featuring Pokemon introduced in the Teal Mask DLC of Scarlet and Violet, getting both dedicated players and avid collectors abuzz with excitement.

With trading cards revolving around Kitakami’s most popular attractions, you must be eager to know more about this set, so here are all the details about the Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer expansion, including the release date, revealed cards, and more.

Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer expansion release date

The Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer expansion set will be released in Japan on June 7, 2024, as confirmed by the Japanese Champions League live stream.

Since this will be a Japanese set, it won’t be available in locations other than Japan on the release date. While there is no word yet on the availability of the English version, we’ll be sure to update this article if an English Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer set is up for grabs globally.

All cards in Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer set revealed so far

The following cards were revealed for the Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer set during the Champions League live stream:

  • Pecharunt ex
  • Munkidori ex
  • Okidogi ex
  • Fezandipiti ex
  • Stadium ACE SPEC card
  • Mochi card
pokemon tcg wanderer night cards featuring pecharunt, munkidori, okidogi, fezandipiti, ace spec, and mochi
All revealed cards of the Pokemon TCG Wanderer Night set.

With Pecharunt, the Loyal Three, and a coveted ACE SPEC card featured, this expansion may very well turn out to be one of the most exciting TCG sets from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in 2024.

While the remaining cards aren’t known yet, we’ll include the complete card list once more details are revealed.

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