What is Raid Battle in Pokemon TCG

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Pokemon TCG Raid Boss Pikachu

Pokemon TCG has revealed an Alternate play mode called Raid Battle, and here’s all you need to know about it.

The Pokemon Company revealed a new mode to play Pokemon TCG: Raid Battles, and players want to know everything about this alternate mode.

So here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon TCG Raid Battle mode, including how to play, Boss Pokemon, and more.

How many players can Pokemon TCG Raid Battle mode have?

Pokemon TCG Raid Battle is a tag team group battle alternate mode that TCG fans can enjoy with up to four players at the same time, pooling up their efforts and Pokemon to beat a powerful Boss Card.

Pokemon TCG Raid Battle is a standalone mode, and players only need Pokemon Cards to play it. Players can join the battle selecting one active and one benched Pokemon card.

Similar to Raid Battles in other Pokemon games, Bosses in TCG will attack once every four players’ turn, and cause huge deals of damage. Defeated players will count as a Knockdown, and if the boss manages four knockdowns, the game is over and the Boss wins.

How to play Pokemon TCG Raid Battle

To play Pokemon TCG Raid Battle players will need to connect to the Digital Raid Battle Assistant App, and select which Boss they want to face. For the moment, players can choose to face Gigantamax Pikachu VMAX and Gigantamax Drednaw VMAX.

To win the Raid Battle, players need to reduce the HP Pool of the Boss Pokemon to zero by attacking with their active Pokemon. Players can have up to 2 Pokemon per Raid Battle: One active and another one benched.

Pokemon TCG Raid Battle Pikachu VMAX Boss
During each of its rounds, the Boss will attack twice, and the system will select the target automatically.

To set up the game, follow the next steps:

  1. Open the Digital Raid Battle Assistant App.
  2. Select between the Bosses you want to face.
  3. To set the Raid Boss level, enter the highest attack damage of either of the two Pokemon each player can have.
  4. Once you imput each of the attack values, hit Start Battle.
  5. The encounter will start, and each player can now attack.
  6. During a player’s turn, enter the damage caused by their Pokemon attack, then select Attack and Finish Turn.
  7. Upon finishing four turns, the boss will attack. In this stage, you can add damage counters from status effects on the bottom left of the menu.
  8. Select Draw a Card, to make the engine randomly select a player and an attack. Boss Pokemon can attack twice per round.
  9. Select End turn to start a new round.

It is important to mention that each time a player is knocked down, this player will have one ‘benched’ turn, where they will be able to ‘Cheer’ and support the other players with power-ups or healing. The App will automatically display the Cheer bonus on screen once the knocked-down player’s turn is up.

This also means that the Boss Pokemon is closer to winning the battle and once it manages four knockdowns it’s game over for the players.

And that’s all you need to know to play Pokemon TCG Raid Battle mode. For more Pokemon TCG info, you can visit the following links:

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