Pokemon Go Routes offer more Zygarde Cells if you follow these simple tips

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go zygarde cell and routes

Finding Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go is a daunting task for all players but these handy Route tips can help you get them more easily than before.

Routes are the only way to get one of the most OP Pokemon Go finds, the fan-favorite Zygarde. But, finding all 250 Zygarde Cells to unlock the various forms of this Legendary is extremely difficult, and most of the time, players get no Cell even after completing a Route.

Now, your grind for this Pokemon is set to be simpler, thanks to some helpful tricks shared by some trainers, which you can use while exploring Routes around you.

After Reddit user ‘POGOFan808’ completed the 250 Cells haul, they made a post on the Silph Road subreddit citing that a Route has a “62.5-69.25% likelihood” of giving a Zygarde Cell. This led to some players sharing advice that simplifies the grind.

They stated that Route distance plays a major role, whether it’s the chances of spawning Cells or the number of Cells found per route. So, a 5km Route would more or less guarantee a whopping three Cells!

This was confirmed by others, who mentioned getting two to three Cells without fail, each time they followed a bigger Route. With bigger paths being as long as 5km to even 20km, a player chimed in with a great suggestion to complete the distance stress-free.

“You don’t have to follow the route, you can walk any way you want. You can finish the route and hopefully collect cells as long as you walk the required minimum distance. That makes it much easier to complete longer routes,” said one player. Keep in mind that the minimum walking distance for a Route is 500m.

Another surprising tip is changing up the Routes frequently. “I have a route I made I do like 2-3 times per day and the game doesn’t like to pay out cells on it. But I then change to a nearby route I do way less often usually pays out,” a trainer wrote.

Also, creating your own Route has its perks, as a player said, “I get at least 1 Zygarde cell every time I use the route that I mapped. I’ve done it 15-20 times and I’ve gotten 3 cells twice.”

With so many ways to grab Cells, players can get all Zygarde forms and dominate the Go Battle League. Additionally, as its shiny version is unavailable, extra Cells would help get shiny Zygarde forms quicker after its eventual release in Pokemon Go.

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