Pokemon Sleep: How to get Mr Mime & Mime Jr

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Mr Mime and Mime Jr Pokemon SleepThe Pokemon Company

In Pokemon Sleep, there are certain Pokemon that can be only encountered by following specific conditions. Mime Jr and Mr Mime are making their way to the game, so here’s how to get them in Pokemon Sleep.

According to the official Pokemon Sleep X account, Mr Mime and Mime Jr are the next new debuts that are coming to the game. To get these two Pokemon, players will need to aim for some specific conditions in order to encounter them.

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These two Pokemon are making their debuts in the game soon, so here’s all we know so far about what you need to do to get Mr Mime and Mime Jr in Pokemon Sleep.

How to get Mr Mime and Mime Jr in Pokemon Sleep

Mr Mime and Mime Jr are making their debut in Pokemon Sleep on September 12, 2023 and will be available from 11 PM PT (September 11) / 2 AM ET / 7 AM BST.

To get Mr Mime and Mime Jr in Pokemon Sleep, you need to travel to the second research area called Cyan Beach. This research area is the second area you can gain access to by registering 20 different Sleep Styles in your Pokedex.

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Mime Jr is a baby Pokemon with a Slumbering Sleep Style that will be available on the first days of the week when Snorlax’s strength is low. Mr Mime is a Snoozing Sleep Style Pokemon, and encountering it can prove difficult, as Snoozing seems to be the rarest Sleep Style to obtain since you need to sleep through the entire night to unlock it.

Remember that these Pokemon will only appear if you are conducting your research in Cyan Beach. They do not appear in other research areas.

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Attaining the conditions for these two Pokemon can be tricky, and there are no specific details about encounter conditions to trigger them.

Cyan Beach in Pokemon SleepThe Pokemon Company
Cyan Beach will be the second area you unlock in Pokemon Sleep.

We will keep you posted as soon as the Pokemon Sleep devs release more details about the conditions to get Mr Mime and Mime Jr.

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