Pokemon Sleep: How to increase Snorlax strength & get Master Rating

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Players can progress in Pokemon Sleep by increasing the strength of Snorlax and reaching Master Rating. However, many players are unsure how they can get the job done in the sleep-tracking game. Here’s how to increase Snorlax’s strength and grab the Master Rating in Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep players are exploring more ways to advance in the popular game and leveling up Snorlax is one of their main objectives. By increasing the strength of Snorlax, players can get exciting rewards and better Pokemon spawns to catch.

Players also want to know about all the ways that can help them increase Snorlax’s strength. In addition, they are also curious about the strength requirements to claim the highly sought-after Master Rating in the game.

Here’s all you need to know about increasing Snorlax’s strength and getting Master Rating in Pokemon Sleep.

How to get Master Rating in Pokemon Sleep

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Once Snorlax wakes up, you will be able to increase its strength.

You can get Master Rating in Pokemon Sleep by increasing Snorlax’s strength through different in-game tasks.

As you complete these tasks, you can increase the Rating of Snorlax and level it up. There are currently four Ratings in Pokemon Sleep:

  • Basic
  • Great
  • Ultra
  • Master

Each of these ratings has divisions that tell you how much you have progressed. To cross each division, you will have to increase Snorlax’s strength. Here are the details of each Rating, its divisions, and the strength needed to advance through them in Pokemon Sleep:

RatingsDivisionsStrenght neededShards gained as rewards

How to increase Snorlax’s strength in Pokemon Sleep

Here’s how you can increase the Rating of Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep:

Feeding Snorlax Berries in Pokemon Sleep

snorlax eating berries in pokemon sleep
Pokemon that gather around Snorlax often bring Berries.

By feeding Berries to Snorlax, you can increase its strength in Pokemon Sleep. Players should note that Snorlax should be given its favorite Berries to increase its strength. Moreover, Snorlax’s preference for Berries will depend on the island it is located in.

Here are Snorlax’s favorite Berries as per the island’s location:

Greengrass IsleRandom
Cyan BeachPamtre (Flying), Pecha (Fairy), and Oran (Water)
Snowdrop TundraWiki (Dark), Persim (Normal), and Rawst (Ice)
Taupe HollowSitrus (Rock), Figy (Ground), and Leppa (Fire)

Cooking Snorlax dishes in Pokemon Sleep

pokemon sleep snorlax enjoying a cooked dish
You can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Snorlax.

Aside from feeding Berries raw to Snorlax, you can also use them to cook dishes in Pokemon Sleep. Cooking dishes is the fastest way to increase Snorlax’s strength and you can also use ingredients alongside Berries to create mouth-watering recipes.

Here are the different dishes you can cook for Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep:

  • Curries
  • Salads
  • Desserts

Helper Pokemon Skills in Pokemon Sleep

pokemon sleep helper pokemon squirtle with snorlax
Helper Pokemon are divided based on Skills, Berries, and ingredients.

Helper Pokemon gather around Snorlax after it wakes up and help it level up by bringing Berries and ingredients. You can choose great Helper Pokemon based on their Skills, which shows how much Snorlax’s strength can increase by taking help from that Pokemon.

For example, a Pikachu’s Skills make it excellent for collecting Berries but a Gastly can bring Berries as well as ingredients. In this situation, you should choose Gastly as your Helper Pokemon.

Sleeping in Pokemon Sleep

pokemon sleep player with meowth
Sleeping for 8-10 hours can increase Snorlax’s strength significantly.

If Pokemon Sleep tracks good quality sleep for players, they can obtain rewards as well as increase their Snorlax’s strength. In addition, sleeping well can also make your Helper Pokemon happier. This way, you will be able to collect more Berries and ingredients for Snorlax.

And there you have it! This is all you need to know about increasing Snorlax’s strength and gaining the Master Rating in Pokemon Sleep. For more content on Pokemon Sleep, be sure to check out our other guides:

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