Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bug forces devs to release new Mystery Gift code

Joaquín Frere
Shieldon in the Pokemon Anime

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have released a new Mystery Gift code for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but they did so because of a bug found in game. If you are wondering what happened, we’ve got you covered, and here’s how to get a set of TMs completely free as compensation for a bug.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet features a new way to obtain TMs in the franchise, and by farming Pokemon materials, players can now craft their own. By capturing or defeating Pokemon in the wild, you will obtain certain items that can be used in the TM Machine.

This is a notable change, and for a few years now TMs have been consumables once again since the Black and White games. This twist, however, seems to be the reason for a new bug found inside Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Shieldon Pokedex entry in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC
Shieldon is a version-exclusive Pokemon, and it is only available to catch in Pokemon Violet.

Game Freak responds to Metal Sound TM bug with Mystery Gift distribution

The Metal Sound TM seems to be trapped inside a loop that Game Freak oversaw in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet when designing the new craftable moves for The Indigo Disk DLC. Metal Sound can only be crafted using Shield Claws, and Shieldon is exclusive to Pokemon Violet.

What does this mean? It means that Pokemon Scarlet players can’t craft the TM, so as of today, the Technical Machine is unobtainable in that version of the game. As reported by Serebii’s X page, Game Freak will distribute a Mystery Gift to compensate players for this bug.

Using the ‘Get via Internet‘ option, players can receive through Mystery Gift a set of 10 Metal Sounds TMs to compensate for this error. The Metal Sound oversight will be fixed in late January, as Serebii’s X page reports, when patch 3.0.1 releases along with a fix for a bug that happens when evolving an Inkay under level 30.

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