Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players call out “impossible” starter shiny odds

Lucas Simons
Mass Outbreak shiny TotodileThe Pokemon Company

Mass Outbreaks stand out as significant recurring events in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where players often enjoy hunting down hundreds of Pokemon of same species. However, these events are filled by with failures, as players express dissatisfaction with the notably their low rates are.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are enjoying the adventure, even after the latest content drop closed up The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero with the Mochi Mayhem Epilogue Quest. But the game is still live and kicking with constant Mass Outbreak and Tera Raid events.

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Mass Outbreaks are ever since one of the fan-favorite events in the game, which alongside Raids, rotate every hour. Often, these Outbreaks combo well with Shiny Sandwiches making the hunt for shiny Pokemon a breeze.

But not all Pokemon trainers enjoy the hunt, since these events where hundreds of specimens spawn in the same area are subject to priority tiers, and some of the highly sought-after Mons don’t spawn that often.

The problem is when they do spawn, they are often prone to bugs, fails, and more, which is frustrating for the unfortunate players who stumble upon these obstacles.

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In a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit post, user ‘Ignrch’ shared their frustration at the many hours they spent hunting for shiny Totodile and Cyndaquil, along with their reasons to hate these events.

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One of the players commenting on this post stated that Outbreaks for Totodile and Cyndaquil are limited to their habitual spawn areas, which are in secluded places. It has to do with how the coding for these species works in the game, so, there’s no way to avoid it.

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To spice things up, another angry player commented that Outbreaks for Johto starters are “not a priority” bracket, so they are even harder to find: “I think its complete bs because they are my favorite starters.”

Meanwhile, another frustrated user stated: “Terrain bugs are ruining the fun for me, I stopped playing MO (Mass Outbreaks) ever since I lost a shiny Clefairy who was yeeted into oblivion.”

Several users voiced out that terrain bugs need to be fixed “as a priority” before “keeping up with MO events,” because they are “tired of these errors swallowing up all their shiny hunt efforts.”

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And that’s why the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are asking for a change in how Mass Outbreaks work. For more Pokemon stories like this one, players believe they have found out the secret to early shinies, and here’s what this player did when facing an impossible choice.

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