Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players convinced “annoying” update ruined game

Ezequiel Leis
Miraidon flying in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet experienced many issues since launch, but players believe the game is running even worse after the latest update.

After two DLCs full of content, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released an Epilogue featuring Mythical Pokemon Pecharunt, seemingly closing up its story for good. Trainers are still enjoying everything the game has to offer, like Tera Raid Battle events, but some believe the latest patch brought new issues to the experience.

Scarlet and Violet had many problems at launch, and while some of those were fixed with updates, many others remain to this day. However, a group of Pokemon players are sure things got a bit worse after the February 1 update that was aiming to fix bugs.

Reddit user ‘Agitated_Yak_2727’ asked on Reddit, “Anybody notice the game runs worse after the February 1st patch?” and detailed that, although “the game had been running smoother after the DLC update,” now everything takes longer than usual to load.

“It takes like a minute to go from the title screen to entering the actual game with the compass spinning in the corner and then like the Poke Ball and Held Item icons are very slow to load,” the OP explained. They were wondering if it might be an issue with their Switch, but other players joined the post to reveal their own experience.

“Rain used to be the only weather effect with super noticeable lag. Now snow is as bad as rain,” explained one Scarlet and Violet player. Another one agreed by saying, “Shiny hunting yesterday while surfing in the snow was painful.”

Other trainers seem to have a similar experience, as they stated the game is “lagging a lot now” and “the lag in the coastal biome is trash.” Another Reddit user commented: “Sometimes when my miraidon is flying the screen freezes on me now.”

pokemon scarlet and violet dlc breeding system
Some players reported picnic tables disappearing in front of their eyes.

Some users said their games are running smoothly, with one confirming everything’s fine on their Switch OLED, “except for the area of the East Province canyons.” However, other players reported encountering bugs they’ve never seen before, like falling through the ground on multiple occasions.

While it’s hard to tell if the latest update is responsible for new issues in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we’ll keep you updated if Game Freak release another patch in the future.

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